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December 02, 2009 09:25 ET

[x+1] Introduces CPG Connect Harnessing Online Ad Optimization, Consumer Purchase Diagnostics and Analytics to Drive In-Store Sales

Solution Utilizes Internet-Wide Consumer and Shopper Data to Help CPG Companies Drive Greater Brick-and-Mortar Sales Through the Online Channel

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 2, 2009) - [x+1], the leader in predictive marketing solutions, today announced the release of CPG Connect, a digital optimization platform that lets marketers and agencies turn online marketing exposure into a brick-and mortar sales engine. The solution is powered by Information Resources Inc. (IRI), the leading provider of consumer and shopper insights and analytics for the CPG, retail and healthcare industries.

CPG Connect combines the wealth of consumer and shopper purchase data and insight from IRI's Consumer Network with the online ad targeting capabilities of [x+1]'s digital media optimization platform and IRI's ROI analytics, enabling marketers to accurately connect online ad exposure to actual in-store purchase activity. Unlike other solutions, CPG Connect helps CPG marketers optimize online ad targeting across the entire Internet, not just through an individual online publisher or ad network.

Until now, most CPG companies have not made major bets on online advertising because they haven't been able to accurately measure the ROI, since their products are mostly bought at offline retail. Research has shown that while the internet has a 26% share of daily media time, CPG companies spend just 2% of their advertising dollars there(1). With CPG Connect, however, marketers can link online advertising to offline purchases to determine the ROI. Using [x+1]'s targeting capabilities, they can reach those consumers most likely to respond to an online advertisement based on their actual purchase behavior.

"CPG companies for too long have had to rely on demographics rather than actual purchase behavior data to help them identify and segment consumers as part of online campaign execution," said Kathleen Riordan, a former Vice President of Global Consumer Relationship and Digital Marketing at Kraft Foods, Inc., and now a marketing consultant. "CPG Connect changes the game, giving CPG companies a sharper, more focused and differentiated understanding of consumer behavior that will greatly increase the effectiveness of their online and offline efforts. Its state-of-the-art analytics will also allow marketers to fine-tune and enhance the process going forward."

For each campaign, CPG Connect analyzes the prior 52 weeks of purchase history from IRI Consumer Network panelists. Next, audience segments are created for online ad targeting by duplicating the key characteristics of in-store purchasers in categories like "heavy loyals," "switchers" and "price sensitive." [x+1] then purchases and executes the campaign's digital media. The subsequent purchasing activity within the segment is compared to that of a control group not exposed to the online ads to determine ROI.

"CPG companies have not been able to take full advantage of the sales lift created by delivering highly personalized online ads, because buying happens at the counter, not by the click," said John Nardone, chairman and CEO of [x+1]. "Now, CPG Connect lets them create highly effective campaigns designed to boost in-store sales -- and prove the results."

"The combination of IRI's rich purchase data and consumer insights plus [x+1]'s analytical and targeting/segmentation capabilities creates a very powerful platform for today's marketers," said Robert I. Tomei, President of Consumer and Shopper Insights at IRI. "It will open up new opportunities for CPG companies to unleash the power of targeted online messaging, enhancing brand loyalty and driving sales growth."

By leveraging IRI's new predictive metrics, the IRI Consumer Proscore, to identify individual visitors' propensity to purchase certain categories or brands or to shop in particular retail stores, marketers can reach specific opportunity segments online. "Just as importantly, they can measure the effectiveness of those campaigns in driving offline sales," Tomei added.

Key features and benefits of CPG Connect include:

--  Most Likely to Buy Segments Identified and Targeted Online: Using
    [x+1]'s targeting models and IRI's Consumer Proscore, consumer segments are
    created of those most likely to make in-store purchases based on an online
    ad exposure. These segments are built based on marketer and advertiser
    campaign goals.
--  Media execution plus high visibility into campaign performance: [x+1]
    purchases and executes media for each campaign based on its proprietary
    targeting models, with weekly views into all aspects of campaign
    performance. Because of this high level of visibility into campaign
    metrics, marketers and agencies can make adjustments and optimize
    performance throughout the run.
--  A Roadmap for Future Success: ROI Analysis and Digital Optimization:
    Post-campaign, IRI builds lists of exposed panelists and non-exposed
    control groups in order to execute ROI analysis. Together, [x+1] and IRI
    develop complete ROI analysis presentations and an audience target
    assessment and recommendations. CPG marketers and agencies receive
    actionable information to help them optimize their digital media buys and
    maximize the effectiveness of the online channel as an in-store sales

To learn more about the features and business benefits of CPG Connect, read the white paper or visit our blog.

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(1) Sources: Knowledge Networks, Inc, May 2009; AdAge DataCenter, 100 Leading National Advertisers Measured Media