December 08, 2011 02:30 ET

X Factor Marks the Return of the Beauty Spot

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2011) - The mole is back. Featuring on famous beauties throughout the ages including Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford, beauty spots have reappeared on the cosmetic scene thanks to the X Factor's Kelly Rowland.

Since the ITV talent show returned to television screens in the summer, make up counters have seen a 160 per cent increase in the number of requests for beauty spot applications and sales of liquid eyeliner are up 183 per cent on the year thanks to those opting for the DIY approach.

During the series, Kelly Rowland's moveable mole has been spotted on her left cheek, right cheek, by her mouth and by her left eye, intriguing X Factor fans and gaining a following in its own right.

Research from Debenhams has shown the most in demand positions for the drawn-on moles are above the lip and high on the cheekbone, drawing attention to favoured facial features and mirroring Kelly as well as Dita Von Teese and Goldie Hawn.

Ruth Attridge, spokesperson for Debenhams said, "It's a look that has proved enduringly popular throughout history and Kelly Rowland is just the latest celebrity to tap into the power of the mole.

"Long thought to be an alluring facial trait and a purveyor of suggestive messages, our customers are keeping beauty counters busy replicating this statement beauty style.

"Look out at your office Christmas party - the wearer of that new beauty spot may just be trying to tell you something".

Highly regarded during the eighteenth century, false beauty marks in the shapes of circles, hearts and stars and made from silk or velvet patches were used to hide blemishes as well as portray flirtatious messages at social events.

Beauty spots came back in vogue in the 1950s thanks to Marilyn Monroe and then again in the 1990s with supermodel, Cindy Crawford. However, it's ex-Destiny's Child songstress Kelly Rowland who is having the most influence on beauty trends in the run-up to Christmas 2011 according to Debenhams' make-up artists.

Attridge adds, "The success of the trend is so that the Debenhams beauty team is looking into bringing back the 'stick on mole'. They're the perfect solution for a bad skin day and make a refreshing alternative to dramatic eye make-up or red lipstick".

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