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September 05, 2012 09:00 ET

[x+1] Origin 4.0 Provides the Most Integrated Platform for Multi-Touch Point Marketing

Additional Self-Service Tools, Multi-Channel Optimization Engine and New Data Capabilities Ease the Frustration of Enterprise Marketers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 5, 2012) - [x+1],, provider of the leading enterprise data management platform (DMP), today announced the launch of [x+1] Origin 4.0, providing new capabilities to the industry's most complete multi-channel marketing platform. Origin 4.0 enables marketers to centralize and streamline digital programs to reach customers and prospects regardless of touch point. Origin's unique data structure and web-service integration framework simplify the design and management of marketing campaigns that previously required an awkward coordination of multiple tools and products.

Origin 4.0 enables marketers to easily access and analyze the broadest mix of customer and prospect data from every potential source and act on it using every potential touch point -- including ad servers, websites, print on-demand systems, demand-side platforms, email, SMS, click-to-call and call centers. As a result, marketers can make more informed and meaningful decisions in real time -- enhancing targeting and personalization and, ultimately, marketing performance across all current and future channels.

Based on [x+1]'s digital marketing technology leadership, Origin 4.0 includes several new capabilities including:

  • Additional self-service capabilities:
    • Greater configurability and control in an intuitive UI
    • Enhanced data management allows marketers to manage how data is ingested, stored and presented in Origin and used by other systems directly through the Origin UI, reducing the need for IT support
    • Flexible report builder with intuitive design allows marketers to customize ad-hoc and scheduled reports using the criteria and metrics needed to analyze business results
  • Virtually unlimited extensibility
    • [x+1]'s patented Predictive Optimization Engine (POE™) connects and triggers actions across multiple customer-facing channels
    • Direct control and transparency into POE models with expert-defined default settings for any marketer and the power to configure options for advanced analysts
  • More control for advertising campaigns
    • Enhanced targeting of inventory characteristics such as above or below the fold
    • Deep URL level targeting and reporting

These features help create a more complete platform for the most creative and effective expressions of marketers' ideas. Now empowered to integrate across multiple disparate systems, Origin 4.0 provides marketers the opportunity to focus on their most important mission: to understand and reach their customers in relevant and memorable ways.

"Enterprise marketers have been forced to stitch together too many tools to understand and reach their customers and prospects," said John Nardone, chairman and chief executive officer of [x+1]. "Origin 4.0 is the 'big data' solution these people have been waiting for. It allows them to use one platform to mine, manage and maximize the power of their customer and prospect data and ends the frustration and time-drain of using discrete point solutions. The bottom line is that Origin 4.0 helps drive marketing to a new level of agility and performance."

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