March 27, 2007 12:12 ET

XanGo Goodness Travel Journal Brings Awareness to Global Poverty

Ghana Medical Mission First to Be Chronicled on XanGo Goodness Website

LEHI, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2007 --XanGo, LLC, the creators of the proprietary whole fruit mangosteen supplement, XanGo® Juice, is focusing on the fight on poverty through its newly created Goodness Travel Journal. XanGo Goodness is a worldwide cause-related movement with a mission to raise social consciousness and mobilize XanGo's global resources to serve, support and improve the communities where the company operates, as well as people in need wherever they may be.

In an effort to bring attention to charitable efforts that serve adults and children throughout the world, XanGo will inaugurate the Goodness Travel Journal by highlighting a medical mission it supports in Ghana, Africa. The trip is a partnership between XanGo and the University of Utah School of Medicine. In addition to providing financial aid, XanGo facilitates the participation of its distributors and employees on such missions.

"The XanGo Goodness Travel Journal will put a human face on poverty through photos, journal entries and links to relevant websites and blogs," said Gordon Morton, chief marketing officer and founder of the XanGo Goodness movement. "The hope is that the journal will provide the reader with insights into the individual's plight through the observations and experiences of XanGo distributors and employee participants." After the launch that features the Ghana mission, the XanGo Goodness Travel Journal will continue to describe the experiences of distributors and employees who travel the globe and work in their communities to fight poverty throughout the year.

"XanGo Goodness advocates the philosophy that participating in cause-related ventures enriches the human experience," says Morton. "By sharing our global philanthropic experiences, we hope to inspire others to join the movement to eradicate poverty and make the world a safer, healthier place for children."

The first posts to the online Goodness Journal will be from XanGo Goodness Coordinator Carolyn Anderson. She is one of the participants of the Ghana mission and is spending her first few days in Africa at a local hospital acquiring medical supplies as she prepares to travel more than 400 miles to the many local villages. Due to the lack of street names in Ghana, patient follow-up visits are virtually impossible for the doctors and students who conduct medical trips to the region. During Anderson's three weeks in Ghana, she and her team will conduct a census of patient homes, thereby generating greater access to consistent follow up medical care.

According to Anderson, "Our focus is achieving results, not just giving monetary donations. We are working diligently to ensure our contributions reach people in need and help them become more self sufficient."

Whether helping to make North American children safe by supporting the efforts of the McGruff House and Truck Network or rebuilding a Thai village destroyed by the Tsunami, XanGo, its distributors and employees are dedicated supporters of XanGo Goodness. From Japan to Mexico, these valued partners share the mission of XanGo Goodness to "get involved."

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XanGo Goodness is a worldwide cause-related movement. Our mission is to raise social consciousness and mobilize XanGo's global resources to serve, support and improve the nations and communities where the company operates. XanGo Goodness advocates the philosophy that participating in cause-related ventures enriches the human experience. Join the movement at

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