October 04, 2005 13:26 ET

XanGo Launches Campaign to Build Public Awareness of Xanthones and Mangosteen Benefits

Category Creator Introduces New Web Site, Initiatives to Build Educational Dialogue With Consumers and Other Constituencies

LEHI, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 4, 2005 -- XanGo, LLC, recognized creator of the mangosteen supplement category, today announced it is launching a public awareness and education campaign to provide accurate information about xanthones and the mangosteen fruit that are central elements of its market-leading product, XanGo ™ Juice.

"The surging popularity of XanGo™ Juice has driven consumer interest in the antioxidant properties of xanthones and the mangosteen. We want to ensure that consumers have the facts supported by credible research," said XanGo President Aaron Garrity. "XanGo created the category and has gained a leadership role in the marketplace. We will work diligently to serve as a central source of accurate information on xanthones and the mangosteen."

XanGo introduced a dynamic new company Web site,, with an analytical profile of the "Queen of Fruits," scientific information on the mangosteen and a timeline on the history of the fruit, how it was discovered and brought to market.

A powerful antioxidant, xanthones are a family of vigorous phytonutrients. Research supports the role of xanthones in the promotion of intestinal health, immune system support, joint flexibility and maintaining a healthy seasonal respiratory system.

The mangosteen fruit, or Garcinia mangostana, found primarily in Southeast Asia, is nature's greatest supply of xanthones. The fruit's pericarp, a high source of xanthones, was used in folk medicine for centuries to treat dysentery, control fever and ward off infections.

Though the fruit also was touted for its medicinal properties, its divine taste made the mangosteen venerated. Numerous independent investigators have researched and reported on the health benefits of the mangosteen.

Garrity said XanGo's education campaign will include exploration of research into xanthones and the mangosteen, analysis and feedback by respected medical experts, breaking scientific news and answers to questions from consumers and other interested constituencies.

"XanGo referenced decades of mangosteen study to support our discovery of a singular dietary mangosteen supplement made from an exclusive puree of the whole fruit. We are leading the advancement of scientific exploration into xanthones and the mangosteen, and we are committed to keeping consumers well-informed," said Garrity.

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