December 15, 2010 05:26 ET

Xbox Kinect-Revolutionising Gaming

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 15, 2010) - With the launch of the brand new Xbox Kinect, Microsoft is on the verge of changing home gaming forever. Replacing controllers with hand gestures and body movements, the technology is mind blowing.

Technology is constantly evolving and gaming consoles are at the forefront of home entertainment advancements. The latest innovation in the gaming world is the new Xbox Kinect, which is set for release on 10 November in the UK. This, the latest console offering from Microsoft, transforms the way players interact with one another. The new Xbox Kinect is an attachment that will work with all Xbox consoles, and will allow players to play without any cords or controllers.

The Xbox Kinect allows participants to use their bodies as the controllers, whether it involves steering a car, shooting bad guys or fighting your opponents in games specifically designed for Kinect. This is an entirely new brand of gaming; it is unrestricted and as interactive as home gaming has ever been.

The new Xbox Kinect's powers don't only extend to gaming; users will be able to browse their Xbox menus, libraries and media with the flick of a wrist. To get users accustomed to the Kinect system, all purchases will include a copy of Kinect Adventures, allowing gamers to float in outer space, ride roaring rapids and even tackle a virtual mountaintop obstacle course.

Kinect transforms players into controllers and is sure to provide hours of fun for families across the UK during the coming winter. The Kinect will also remember individual faces and voices to allow easy access to Xbox Live accounts.

Controllers are a thing of the past and Microsoft's Xbox 360 has taken it upon itself to challenge the very notion of gaming. The Xbox Kinect launch may very well revolutionise the entire gaming industry, making it more interactive and taking it a step closer to virtual reality.

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