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November 09, 2006 10:41 ET

XBux Announces Extreme Success With Ecount® Prepaid Cards

Action Sports Athletes Now Receive Performance Payouts Immediately and With Ease

REDWOOD SHORES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- XBux, the leader in action sports performance payouts, today announced the success of their XBux Prepaid Card Program. XBux is dedicated to aggregating sponsors, promoters and competitors to simplify reward delivery. The XBux Prepaid Card Program, powered by Ecount (, enables immediate, streamlined payments to competitors.

Before XBux, winning competitors would wait up to 3 months for checks to trickle in from the various event sponsors. This proved problematic for both sponsors and athletes. Now, XBux provides an electronic, real-time system that collects results, reports to sponsors and delivers rewards.

The Ecount Prepaid Card Program is an integral component of the XBux system, providing a platform for immediate payouts, with comprehensive cardholder support and communication wrapped in a fully branded package.

"There is over $9 billion flowing through the action sports industry annually, and there was a dire need for more efficient, traceable payments. Typically, our industry relied on checks, which were very slow and did not provide the necessary tracking," stated Richard Grogan-Crane, CEO of XBux. "The response we have gotten from the Ecount Prepaid Cards is amazing. Not only can we pay out immediately, our athletes definitely love the 'cool' factor of being able to carry an XBux card -- it is a real cultural identifier for them."

XBux chose to work with Ecount because Ecount was the only prepaid provider with the technological sophistication to plug into the XBux system. "We wanted to eliminate all manual administration, and Ecount supports direct computer-to-computer communication -- completely eliminating our administrative hassles."

"XBux is a great example of an innovative company leveraging our platform to further the 'real-time' nature of their business," stated Matt Gillin, CEO of Ecount. "From rebates to incentives, companies are looking to close the gap between action and reward and Ecount is the company that enables them to do so. By eliminating the time lag, companies are able to strengthen the relationship with their consumers and employees."

The Ecount Card is a branded Prepaid Visa® Card that is good everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted and can be reloaded by sponsors and supporters. Ecount also provides XBux with custom communications to support the program, including a cardholder website, card, card package and collateral.

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