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August 16, 2011 09:00 ET

XebiaLabs Launches Deployit 3.5 Accelerating Speed to Market With Industry's First Algorithm-Based Application Release Automation Platform

New Unified Deployment Engine, Extensible Middleware Plugins and Command Plugin Empower Application Release Teams With Scalability, Accuracy and Faster Time to Market

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 16, 2011) - XebiaLabs, the leading provider of enterprise-class application release automation solutions, today announced version 3.5 of its deployment automation platform, Deployit.

Deployit 3.5 features a comprehensively updated Unified Deployment Engine (UDE) that runs a patented algorithm to automatically calculate a deployment plan, at the time of deployment. This algorithm-based function ensures error-free and speedy delivery of applications, for every deployment, significantly increasing speed to market for business critical applications.

"With Deployit, we have improved our Time to Market, by 30 percent, and we are already saving $1 million, annually, in OPEX," said Ronald Bosch, KLM/Air France.

In addition, Deployit 3.5 enables organizations to leverage all existing middleware through its extensible built-in middleware support that scales up to the requirements of large enterprises. A new powerful Command plugin also allows organizations to seamlessly integrate legacy automation with the UDE.

"The enhancements and new features we've incorporated into Deployit 3.5 are setting the bar for application release automation," said Coert Baart, CEO, XebiaLabs. "With Deployit 3.5 we are making truly automated, seamless application deployments a reality across any IT environment or infrastructure. As technological advancements continue to progress and application deployments become increasingly intricate, the long-term benefits of secure application release automation, and the associated cost-savings, scalability and flexibility, will be indisputable."

According to Gartner, most organizations manually deploy application software releases with complex and hard-to-maintain scripts, creating a bottleneck in the application lifecycle and slowing down an organizations' ability to bring new features or applications to market. Deployit 3.5 addresses this issue head on and not only eliminates the risks associated with complex, error-prone manual or scripted deployment procedures, but also allows users to deploy applications to market quickly and accurately.

"Our IT teams can now eliminate unnecessarily complex, manual and time-consuming deployment processes," continues Bosch. "With Deployit, we were able to deliver our customer-facing legroom Web application to market six weeks faster than expected. The accuracy and scalability of the platform is the perfect fit for our enterprise-wide deployments, and it's flexible, plug and play architecture gives us a 'future proof' solution that can be easily adapted to any middleware or cloud environment we choose to utilize."

Deployit 3.5 features include:

  • Unified Deployment Engine (UDE) - Uses a patented algorithm to automatically calculate a deployment plan based on the required deployment components and configurations. The result: increased speed to market for applications.

  • Extensible Plugins for all major middleware stacks - Gives enterprises a plug and play platform that can easily accommodate any existing or future infrastructure -- even hybrid environments. The result: scalable application release automation.

  • Command Plugin - Allows companies to leverage their existing scripts in combination with the UDE. The result: a flexible solution to fit current deployment requirements.

  • Deployment Quality Dashboard - Compares historical deployments with newly automated deployments to provide greater visibility into the deployment process. The result: visibility into the deployment lifecycle.

  • Dictionaries - Allows users to manage application-specific data in one place so that they can be referenced from multiple deployments. The result: true enterprise-class storage.

  • Support for and Easy Migration to WebSphere 8 - Ensures existing deployment components are automatically considered in an upgrade. The result: easy migration to new platforms and new versions.

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