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January 12, 2011 09:00 ET

Xeround Expands Its Cloud Database to Europe

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - January 12, 2011) - Xeround (, the Cloud Database company, today officially announced that their "MySQL for the Cloud" service is a multi-geographic cloud database, with their service now available on Amazon in Europe as well as North America.

Xeround's multi-geographic capability lets organizations choose to run their database instances closest to wherever their applications are running. By having their applications as well as databases co-hosted on the same cloud and in the same geographical region, companies that rely on Xeround can address the key issue of performance in a cloud environment and significantly decrease latency of their applications. When signing up for Xeround, customers can select the data center closest to their applications.

In addition to offering multiple data center locations, the new beta will support multiple cloud providers over the next year. Because Xeround's cloud database is agnostic to your choice of cloud provider, those that choose Xeround can avoid vendor lock-in and migrate seamlessly between different clouds.

"Whether they are on the private or public cloud, most databases can't offer the elasticity that Xeround provides," said Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround. "Because Xeround is a distributed, multi-tenant database that was built specifically for the cloud, we are able to add more choices for our customers such as data center locations and cloud providers."

"At cloudControl, we always strive to enable PHP developers to choose from the best technologies available to power their projects," said Philipp Strube, founder and CEO of cloudControl. "That's why we are especially excited to partner with Xeround, a high performance, scalable and highly-available MySQL-compatible database solution."

Hundreds of users have tried Xeround since their private beta announcement in September. Now Xeround has made their beta cloud database service available to the public. To try Xeround, visit

About Xeround
Xeround enables a truly scalable cloud computing infrastructure by providing elastic and highly available database software for public and private clouds. Xeround's cloud database for MySQL allows service providers, ISVs and customers to easily run their applications in the cloud and automatically scale up or down, all while ensuring availability in the event of failure or schema changes. The product is well-geared to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers, and is available either as a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) or as a virtual appliance. The company is based in Bellevue, Wash. with research and development in Israel. Investors include Benchmark Capital, Giza Venture Capital, Ignition Partners and Trilogy Partnership. For more information visit and follow Xeround on Twitter: