SOURCE: XID Technologies

May 07, 2008 13:49 ET

XID Technologies Introduces Easy-to-Use, Reliable Face Recognition Log On Software

With Face Logon Xpress, Only Authorized Users Can Log On to PCs Equipped With New Biometric Access Control Application

REDWOOD CITY, CA and SINGAPORE--(Marketwire - May 7, 2008) - XID Technologies, a Redwood City, California and Singapore-based innovative facial recognition company, today announced the availability of its new biometric PC access application, Face LogOn Xpress. Face LogOn Xpress is a user friendly application that enables PCs to be accessed only by authorized users.

Ideal for both home and office PCs, Face LogOn Xpress uses a simple web camera to ensure the identity of the user by providing biometric verification in an automatic, continuous process, based on XID's award-winning face recognition technology. The new software uses XID's Face Recognition artificial intelligence technology and learns each time a user enrolls his or her face, enabling Face LogOn Xpress to develop high accuracy in varied conditions.

Targeted to computer users seeking to control access to their machines by verifying identity while logging on in a simple and convenient way, Face LogOn Xpress can be customized to allow users to control the application's sensitivity levels. This control ensures accurate face recognition to address different lighting conditions. Additionally, Face LogOn Xpress compensates for extreme conditions such as complete darkness by allowing users to access the PC through the use of a default password instead of the camera.

XID is a pioneer that is noted for its facial synthesis technology which detects, recognizes and synthesizes the human face. The company has developed and commercialized leading-edge face recognition, face synthesis and face replacement products.

"Face LogOn Xpress is the first offering in XID's Face LogOn product suite, which will eventually include 3 distinct versions," noted François Belot, marketing director for XID. "Face LogOn Advanced will offer even more features and power than Xpress, and FaceLogOn Ultimate will include professional biometric access control to secure ultra-sensitive data."

Face LogOn Xpress is currently available in English and Chinese, with versions in French, German, Japanese and Spanish becoming available soon.

XID's facial synthesis and recognition technologies are utilized for security applications including access control for devices such as PCs, web cams, mobile phone log ins, as well as physical access/door control. The company's patented approach to facial recognition using 3D facial synthesis is the only face recognition solution in the world that is able to function in outdoor, uncontrolled, real world environments.

Face LogOn Xpress is a shareware program, and can be downloaded free of charge during a 30-day trial period. Please visit for more information.

About XID Technologies

XID is a technology company with core expertise in computer vision and computer graphics focused on the development of technologies and solutions related to the human face, targeted to the security and media markets. The company offers SDKs and solutions such as face detection, face recognition, face synthesis (real-time 3D simulation of faces from a single photo), 3D face animation, 3D avatars and automatic 3D face replacement in photos as well as videos for the personalization of content.

Since April 2003, XID technologies has received several awards, media attention and satisfied customers in recognition of its innovative technologies and solutions. With headquarters in Redwood City, California and Singapore, XID Technologies' software and semiconductor products are sold through its direct sales force and international distributors. More information is available at

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