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August 29, 2011 09:00 ET

XIO -- The Leader in Performance Driven Storage

Establishes 200,000 IOPS Benchmark in SSD/HDD Platform With Hyper ISE Storage System Offering Groundbreaking Price/Performance/Capacity Ratios

LAS VEGAS, NV and COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2011) - VMWORLD 2011, BOOTH #1235 -- Xiotech Corporation today announced the change of the company name to XIO (pronounced "ex-eye-oh") and the recently launched SSD/HDD storage system, formerly known as Hybrid ISE, has been renamed Hyper ISE due to its unparalleled performance capabilities. In addition, new Hyper ISE improvements enable performance as high as 200,000 IOPS in a 3U, 14.4 TB storage system. XIO is also announcing X-Volume software that creates a virtual volume across multiple Hyper ISE systems enabling users to achieve one million IOPS or more. The company will be showcasing Hyper ISE in Booth #1235 at VMworld 2011, taking place August 29 - September 1 in Las Vegas.

Hyper ISE is the only storage system that provides True SHD, which fuses SSD and HDD into a single pool of capacity. Hyper ISE has enabled XIO customers to reduce database query times by up to 20X, deploy thousands of virtual desktops on a single (Hyper ISE) storage system and increase server consolidation ratios by up to 5X.

XIO True SHD is enabled by Continuous Adaptive Data Placement (CADP) software, which automatically places hotspot data on high-performance SSD and keeps "warm" data on HDD. As a result, Hyper ISE offers price/performance/capacity ratios that are unmatched in the industry.

"The name change is important because we are a different company with a new focus," said XIO President and CEO Alan Atkinson. "Hyper ISE is a revolutionary product that is a unique and valuable solution addressing a rapidly emerging market. Hyper ISE actually enables you to simply do things you couldn't before. It changes the economics of application performance and allows you to do much more with less. When your customers consistently tell you that no other solution could have solved their problems, you know you are on to something big."

Hyper ISE is built upon the field-proven ISE architecture with thousands of systems deployed worldwide. Hyper ISE is backed by an unmatched 5-year, no-cost hardware warranty.

"The three most important things in storage are performance, reliability and ease of use," said XIO CTO Steve Sicola. "We outperform everyone. The pure SSD players and the traditional storage vendors just don't have the right price/performance. Sure, you can get all of these systems to perform fast, but they cost way, way too much. On top of that, we are more reliable than any other storage system, especially compared to other performance driven storage systems. Most of the pure SSD players don't know how to spell HA, let alone implement it in their solutions. And we are really, really easy to manage. And 'easy' isn't just about a cool GUI or integration with VMware. It is about years and years of field deployments and understanding what it means to support enterprise data centers."

Customer and Partner Quotes

David Hayes, Senior Director of the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center
"We were driving the servers to the max, but we were barely putting a dent in the Hyper ISE performance. It seems the more we throw at it, the faster it gets. XIO has become one of my top-tier solutions."

Sean Larson, Network Administrator at Sycamore Community Unit School District 427
"Hyper ISE solved our VDI performance problem immediately and was four times less expensive than our other storage vendor's product. We have nearly 1,000 virtual desktops on Hyper ISE and it isn't even making the system sweat. We intend to put other applications on it too because we know it can handle it. Hyper ISE is a rock-solid storage system that combines SSD and SAS drives, providing the optimum amount of storage and IOPS."

About XIO
XIO is the leader in performance driven storage with the best price/performance/capacity ratios of any solution in the market. XIO pioneered the only True SHD storage system that amalgamates SSD and HDD in a single pool of storage, resulting in extreme performance that changes the economics of the data center. XIO empowers enterprises to drive database performance to its limits, accelerate business analytics, enable VDI deployments and greatly improve their server virtualization consolidation ratios. In addition, enterprise-class reliability and ease of use are in our DNA and core aspects of all our storage systems. XIO is field-proven with thousands of deployments worldwide.

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