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September 24, 2007 08:05 ET

XO Interactive Expands Network Assurance Effort With Empirix

XO Interactive Uses the Hammer VoIP Test Platform to Improve Its Customer Contact Center Environment

BEDFORD, MA--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - Empirix® Inc., which helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence, announced today the release of a case study on XO Interactive's usage of its Hammer Testing and Monitoring Portfolio. XO Interactive specifically chose Empirix's Hammer Portfolio due to its versatile capabilities -- from functional to load testing -- and the sophistication of its analysis and monitoring tools, allowing the company to better manage its existing applications.

Specifically, for its testing needs, XO Interactive needed a tool capable of testing new infrastructure build-outs, making load test calls to ensure the system can function under stressful conditions, and functional testing to validate successful call completion and user call quality. For its monitoring needs, XO Interactive wanted to have a system set up to monitor calls placed to IVR applications to ensure functionality 24x7. In addition, the XO Interactive lab wanted to remotely monitor customer sites by placing periodic, proactively scheduled calls, and offer customers the option of having it test new T1s or PBX trunks being turned up.

XO Interactive offers hosted IVR, Contact Center and Proactive Communications services, using VoiceXML, CIM, OCS and SIP Server software from Genesys Labs. This provides the company's clients with access to a feature-rich, scalable Enterprise Voice Managed Services (EVMS) offering for self-service, SIP-enabled Virtual Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Contact Center On-Demand to deliver telephony infrastructure for contact centers and At-Home agents.

"We took careful consideration when choosing a testing and monitoring solution, given the complex tasks we deal with on a daily basis," said Janis Hoyer, Network Engineering Manager at XO Interactive. "Empirix provided the most comprehensive set of tools in one suite of products, and that, along with the company's solid, proven reputation in testing and monitoring, made Empirix the best possible choice for us."

"Quality is a differentiator, and customer care is tangible and measurable," said Duane Sword, Vice President of Product Management at Empirix. "XO Interactive clearly invests in network quality and service integrity to help improve the retention and experience of its customers."

Empirix's wide range of Hammer testing and monitoring solutions are designed to ensure the quality and performance of VoIP and IMS products, services, and networks throughout the entire development and deployment life cycle.

To date, all of the world's Top 10 NEMs and virtually all of the top service providers use Empirix's Hammer solutions. As part of its mission to help enable the adoption of complex new technology waves, Empirix is a member of several quality-focused organizations, including the Multi-Service Forum, the recently launched Voice & Video over IP Quality Alliance (V2oIPQA) and the IMS Forum.

To learn more about XO Interactive's usage of Empirix's Hammer Portfolio, click here to read the full case study.

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