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May 01, 2007 09:00 ET

Xterprise in Strategic Relationship With Microsoft™ and iGPS in the Latest Commercial Release of Its Xterprise Asset Manager (XAM™) 2.0 for the Worldwide Reusable Transport Item (RTI)


XAM™ 2.0 Is Built Completely on the Microsoft New BizTalk RFID Server Framework; Creating the Most Robust RFID-Enabled High-Definition Visibility and Inventory Management Application

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 1, 2007 -- RFIDJournal LIVE -- Xterprise Incorporated, a leading global provider of RFID-enabled high-definition supply chain execution software applications, announced today at RFIDJournal Live that it worked with Microsoft™ ( on the development and release of its XAM 2.0 high definition RFID-enabled RTI inventory management application. The strategic relationship between Microsoft, Xterprise and iGPS will enable customers using the application to provide a revolutionary "high definition" view of an RTI asset tracking and management application. BixTalk RFID Server delivers plug and play velocity and accuracy for printers, readers and other devices.

Xterprise customer, Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (IGPS), LLC ( requested a way to manage its new 100% plastic pallet pool with embedded RFID tags. The retail pallet market is going through dramatic transformation and iGPS's offering is leading the way. The iGPS pallet pooling offering is setting the standard in the industry for quality and management performance.

"Identifying a unit load by RFID dramatically increases the accuracy of tracking and tracing products throughout the supply chain," said Walter Kerr, chief information officer for iGPS. "It ushers in new ways to eliminate needless steps and costs in the pick, pack and ship process."

Xterprise developed iSUM (Intelligent Stock Use and Movements) application for iGPS as its pallet pool transactional management system. iSUM is built on XAM 2.0 and designed and branded especially for iGPS. Xterprise worked with Microsoft to develop iSUM with BizTalk RFID Server framework for iGPS. Microsoft unveiled the iGPS iSUM solution in their booth today at RFIDJournal Live as part of its continued expansion in the RFID markets.

"The collaboration between Xterprise, Microsoft and iGPS to build and deploy an asset tracking and management solution has created the next supply chain visibility wave -- which is 'High Definition,'" said Dean Frew, founder and CEO of Xterprise. "The supply chain is full of RTIs, they are a near invisible asset that is not effectively tracked or managed, losses of these assets cost businesses billions annually and the costs often show up as lost profits to companies all over the world. Now together with Microsoft along with our reader and printer partners we can help companies effectively manage these assets and the supply chain transactions they support."

"Xterprise is continuing to define for the supply chain market RFID-enabled 'high definition' supply chain applications and we feel their innovation and proven execution will provide a key growth channel for the BizTalk RFID Server," said Anush Kumar, product manager for Microsoft's BizTalk RFID.

"As this new RTI asset management market develops, total solutions providers like Xterprise will be playing an essential role in meeting end-user demand for end-to-end solutions that effectively demonstrate RFID's business value," said Michael Liard, an RFID market analyst with ABI Research.

"There currently is a major lack of recognition of the growing importance of partner-based end-to-end solutions in the market; however, with vendors such as Microsoft and Xterprise pairing to deliver total solutions to the customer, this provides a level of market validation and offers further evidence that building partner ecosystems is critical to advancing the market."

Xterprise hardware partners on this project include: Alien (, Avery Dennison, (, Motorola (Symbol) (, MPI (, Weber ( and Zebra (


iGPS ( is headquartered in Orlando, Fla., with offices in Dallas, New York and Bentonville, Arkansas. iGPS is the first company to provide manufacturers and retailers with an RFID-tagged, all-plastic pallet pool. Launched in March 2006, the company's management includes numerous pallet and supply-chain industry veterans led by Bob Moore, chief executive officer, and Rex Lowe, president.


Xterprise Incorporated was founded in 2002 as a provider of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) applications. Today, the company delivers high-definition RFID-enabled supply chain software and solutions to top global Fortune 500 companies that include L'Oréal, Dial, ExxonMobil, TNT Express, Dairy Fresh, Toyota, iGPS, Dell and others. Xterprise solutions combine Microsoft BizTalk Server RFID, enterprise supply chain systems integration and RFID technology to deliver a new level of "high-definition" supply chain visibility, velocity and value. Xterprise has pioneered RFID Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and RFID data analytics throughout its deployments in North America, Asia and Europe. Its solutions suite includes XARM™, XAM™, TraX™ and AnalytiX™. Xterprise has grown rapidly since its founding and with a proven business model continues to deliver exceptional returns for its shareholders. The company is headquartered in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas. For more information, call 972-690-9460, email or visit

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