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November 13, 2006 10:02 ET

XtremeData Announces Upcoming FPGA-Supercomputing Support for Mitrion Virtual Processor and Mitrion Development Platform

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 13, 2006 -- Supercomputing 2006 -- XtremeData Corporation today announced its XD1000™ socket-compatible coprocessors will be compatible with the Mitrion Virtual Processor and Mitrion Development Platform for FPGA Supercomputing application acceleration. XtremeData develops programmable solutions that can accelerate time-critical algorithms by leveraging the flexibility of Xilinx and Altera field-programmable gate arrays. XtremeData coprocessors plug directly into AMD64 Opteron processor sockets and can be configured to accelerate graphics, XML, floating-point, video transcoding, and other applications. The XD1000 is able to leverage all of the resources available on the motherboard: dedicated DDR memory modules, CPU core power supply, HyperTransport bus to the host Opteron, and device cooling. XtremeData target markets for FPGA application acceleration include imaging, communications, bio-informatics, and enterprise computing.

"Mitrionics is pleased to begin working with XtremeData so that our FPGA Supercomputing development platform and Mitrion Virtual Processor can fully utilize the performance and functionality provided by their XD1000 socket-compatible coprocessors," stated Anders Dellson, CEO of Mitrionics, Inc. "It is great to see another serious vendor supporting FPGA application acceleration technologies and appliances. We look forward to working with XtremeData in the future."

"Parallelism is the key to FPGA Supercomputing application acceleration, but till now there has been one serious barrier to FPGAs in HPC," said Ravi Chandran, CEO of XtremeData. "The hardware-oriented design flow environment is ill-suited to this market. A higher level of abstraction, via a software-oriented design flow, is necessary for broad adoption. Mitrionics enables this high-level flow with its innovative 'processor' approach to designing FPGAs. We are happy to collaborate with Mitrionics and jointly develop a complete and easy-to-use environment for FPGAs in HPC."

About FPGA Supercomputing

FPGA Supercomputing is an exciting and growing market segment based on technology that enables processor performance acceleration 10x to 100x greater than traditional processors. Scientists, developers, and researchers strive to improve productivity by achieving faster performance in their supercomputing applications and lower power consumption in their systems. The software-centric Mitrion Platform is ideal because it allows FPGA Supercomputing applications to be developed without any circuit design skills. Key application areas that stand to benefit most from FPGA Supercomputing are bioinformatics, oil and gas, imaging, and financial industries.

About the Mitrion Platform and Mitrion Virtual Processor

The core of the Mitrion Platform is the Mitrion Virtual Processor (MVP) which runs software written in the Mitrion-C programming language on FPGAs and completely eliminates the need for the programmer to master hardware design. Together with the Mitrion Software Development Kit, the MVP offers a unique solution for developing supercomputing applications for FPGAs on a true software level. This dramatically reduces the total development costs for FPGA-based software acceleration, and more importantly, enables the whole supercomputing industry to benefit from FPGA application acceleration.

Mitrionics' new Mitrion Software Development Kit Personal Edition is a free version of the Mitrion SDK that allows the development of accelerated applications for the Mitrion Virtual Processor without access to FPGA hardware. More information is available at Supercomputing booth # 2045.

About Mitrionics

Founded in 2001, Mitrionics, Inc. is the technology leader in the exciting new field of FPGA Supercomputing which provides higher processing power and lower energy consumption than clusters of computer systems. The company's Mitrion Virtual Processor and Mitrion Software Development Kit provide cost effective FPGA Supercomputing power to organizations for their most critical applications. The Mitrion Platform is unique from any other FPGA programming solution, because it eliminates the need for circuit design skills, thus making FPGA Supercomputing performance accessible to an entire new market of scientists and developers. Mitrionics has key industry relationships with Cray, Nallatech, and Silicon Graphics. For more information, visit the company Web site at, or call 310-558-9495, or email:

About XtremeData

XtremeData develops innovative solutions for high-performance computing. Target markets include enterprise computing, imaging, communications, and bio-informatics, Example applications within those markets include medical and reconnaissance image processing, gene sequencing, text searching, and database analytics.

XtremeData was incorporated in 2003 and has established two centers: head office and hardware development in the Chicago area, and software development in Bangalore, India. For more information about the company or its product, visit: See an XtremeData Development System at Supercomputing in AMD's booth, # 1413.

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