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January 31, 2007 11:20 ET

Xylitol Good for Children's Teeth

Parents and Dental Professionals Embrace Xlear's Xylitol Products to Help Improve Children's Oral Care

OREM, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 31, 2007 -- The month of February is National Children's Dental Health Month, and while parents will hear about dozens of oral care practices for the next four weeks, one that will endure is the benefit of using xylitol-rich products such as those offered by Xlear, Inc. Xylitol, a non-cariogenic five-carbon sugar, is found naturally in fruits, vegetables and other natural sources, and looks and tastes like sugar. More than 35 years of clinical studies show that consistent use of xylitol-sweetened products can help reduce cavities by as much as 80 percent, reduce levels of bacteria in the mouth, assist in the remineralization of tooth enamel, and help with dry mouth, among other benefits.

Xlear (pronounced "clear") offers a variety of oral care products under the Spry brand, which deliver a high dose of pharmaceutical-grade xylitol. Xlear's oral care products include:

--  Spry Sugar-Free Chewing Gum: available in cinnamon, fresh fruit,
    peppermint and spearmint flavors;
--  Spry Mints: available in Berry, Lemon and Peppermint;
--  Spry Coolmint Toothpaste (without fluoride);
--  Spry Spearmint toothpaste (w/ fluoride);
--  Spry Coolmint Xylitol Oral Rinse; and
--  Spry Infant Tooth Gel for application on tooth and gums of infants and
Xlear also offers SparX candy, naturally fruit-flavored, bite size candies sweetened exclusively with 100% pure xylitol. The candy is an ideal snack for kids of all ages, and is available in three varieties, Berry, Citrus and Fruit.

"Dental professionals and clinical studies agree that using products with xylitol as the main or only sweetener and using xylitol as a sugar substitute can have a dramatic impact on tooth decay, as well as the potential to reverse cavities," said Blaine Yates, chief executive officer of Xlear, Inc. "Our children are bombarded with sugar-sweetened products, and National Children's Dental Health Month is a perfect time to draw attention to the vast amounts of studies and articles by dentists and hygienists that point to the effectiveness of xylitol, especially on children's teeth. Our products, from Spry gums and mints, and our tooth gel for kids of all ages, are ideal ways to introduce xylitol into children's oral care. The nice part is xylitol tastes good, so kids won't be able to tell the difference."

For more information about the Spry Dental Defense System, please visit or call 1-877-599-5327. Xlear's products are sold through more than 5,000 retailers across the country, as well as online at To find a local retailer, visit

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Founded in 2000, Xlear, Inc. is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of xylitol products in the United States. Xlear, Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the health benefits of xylitol by manufacturing all-natural, health-enhancing products. Xlear, Inc. offers Xlear®, a patented nasal wash; a complete line of dental health products offered under the Spry™ Dental Defense System brand; and XyloSweet™, raw xylitol crystals used as a sugar substitute in cooking, baking and general consumption. Xlear, Inc. is a private company with headquarters in Orem, Utah.

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