February 22, 2008 16:00 ET

The xyzmo SIGNificant Group Acquires All Shares of SIGNificant and IP Rights From Wondernet

JERSEY CITY, NJ--(Marketwire - February 22, 2008) - On February 14, 2008 the shareholders of the xyzmo SIGNificant Group acquired all remaining shares of SIGNificant Signature Solutions GmbH based in Austria from its Israeli founding partner Wondernet. With this share transfer in place, xyzmo and SIGNificant are both now fully owned by the xyzmo SIGNificant Group. The xyzmo SIGNificant Group has additionally acquired all intellectual property rights including the pioneering "real-time handwritten signature biometric engine" from Wondernet.

This merger will streamline the ownership and operations of the xyzmo SIGNificant Group. The resulting group will be more innovative and efficient, providing immediate benefits to customers by combining the xyzmo, SIGNificant and Wondernet solutions into a single fully integrated digital e-signature product line including real-time biometric authentication capabilities.

Juergen Hirtenfelder, Managing Director of xyzmo USA LLC, had this to say in response to the recent acquisition, "The combination of these three technologies will immediately result in improved cost savings for our customers by providing them with the most complete product suite on the e-signature market. In addition to offering a digital sealing solution that secures electronic business documents and workflows for their lifetime and operates without the need of maintaining an expensive PKI infrastructure, xyzmo SIGNificant group now offers the integrated capability of identifying individuals in real-time based on their handwritten signature biometrics. Topics such as identity theft and contractual fraud can be effectively addressed and resolved. Due to standard interfaces like the availability of any functionality via Web services, the easy integration into any existing IT-environment is enabled. We see this as an extremely positive step towards market leadership in the US. Furthermore, it will substantially increase our momentum and ability to execute sales in this rapidly growing industry."

The xyzmo SIGNificant Group retains all assets and key employees of Wondernet currently working on the R&D of innovative digital signature solutions. Consequently, a further development center will be opened by the xyzmo SIGNificant Group in Israel. Since the mid-1990s Wondernet has been the market leader in personal digital signature capturing and identification based on biometric signature data. Impressive references indicate the technology's achievement potential and its suitability for daily use. This transaction involving the xyzmo SIGNificant Group expands its leading position in the digital signature market, and once again emphasizes the ability to offer customers and partners the most complete digital signature solutions.

Henceforth, Wondernet will act as sales partner of the xyzmo SIGNificant Group.

About xyzmo USA LLC:

"xyzmo USA offers secure signing solutions that save money, time... and trees!" xyzmo's technology fits companies of all sizes and offers advanced digital signature technology that operates without an expensive PKI infrastructure. Learn what's new with xyzmo by visiting our website at and our blog at xyzmo and the xyzmo logo are registered trademarks of xyzmo USA LLC.

Visit the xyzmo SIGNificant Group at booth #2157 at the AIIM Expo Boston (March 3-6, 2008) and at booth #1357 at CTIA Wireless Las Vegas (April 1-3, 2008) to watch live demos and view our entire product line!

About SIGNificant:

SIGNificant Signature Solutions GmbH is a leading provider of electronic handwritten signature solutions (primarily for Point of Sales), offering an exclusive product line that equips organizations with a smooth transition into a paperless environment. SIGNificant products are being used by leading companies in various industries such as: telecommunications, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, etc. SIGNificant holds a world-wide distributors network offering sales and customer support to its customers and partners. Visit the company website at

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