October 16, 2014 08:31 ET

XZERES Reports Fiscal Second Quarter of 2015 Results

Global Expansion in Key International Markets Driving Strong Growth Outlook

WILSONVILLE, OR--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2014) - XZERES Corp. (OTCQB: XPWR), a global clean energy solutions company, reported results for the fiscal second quarter ended August 31, 2014.

Fiscal Q2 2015 Highlights

  • Expanded small wind turbine product line with the addition of XZERES 50kW, joining the Skystream 2.4kW and XZERES 10kW.
  • Deployed first commercial XZERES 10kW in Japan and Vietnam. 
  • Completed pilot program on potentially large telecom project for Skystream 2.4kW -- now working to finalize contract and rollout schedule.
  • Completed $19.9 million financing with Wells Fargo Bank and strategic equity investors.
  • Appointed David Hofflich as CEO, succeeding Frank Greco who remains president. Hofflich is a seasoned financial executive with more than 20 years of experience across multiple industries, including energy, manufacturing and distribution.

Management Commentary
"During the second quarter, we made strong progress in further developing our international market opportunities, and particularly Japan," said XZERES CEO David Hofflich. "We recently received certification approval for our 10kW system in Japan, a major new market opportunity that we have been actively cultivating throughout the year. Equally important, we continue to see expanding opportunities in other key international markets as a result of our larger global footprint and expanded product line."

The company's project financing partner, Gale Force, is also expanding its support of the feed-in-tariff co-operation (FITCO) model into Japan and other areas, similar to the activities it has been pursuing in the UK. Whether it is in the UK, Japan, or elsewhere, attractive project financing solutions are critical to driving higher volumes. XZERES is uniquely positioned in this regard with Gale Force and its established investment portfolio available to fund projects.

Regional Market Update
XZERES has been advancing a substantial pipeline of global opportunities with its broad product offerings. Some of the company's active, near-term initiatives include:

  • Japan - XZERES Wind Japan Limited, XZERES' wholly-owned subsidiary, has been developing strong inroads in Japan and recently deployed its first 10kW small-wind turbine system in the country. Japan's strong wind resources, growing demand for power alternatives and an attractive FIT rate (at 20kW or below) for wind power provide a substantial opportunity. Further, the country's small-wind market is at the incipient stage, with a very limited number of small-wind turbine installations to date.

    With Class NK certification and the ability to connect to the grid, XZERES 10kW turbine is now the largest rated system (and only one rated at 10.4kW) in the marketplace to capitalize on the targeted FIT rate, which provides an extraordinary opportunity to become the dominant player in the market for years to come. The company anticipates its next Japan deployments to occur in the current quarter, followed by additional orders throughout next year.

  • Middle East - XZERES is in advanced discussions for a significant multi-site project in the region.

  • Vietnam - The company deployed an initial two 10kW systems in the region, representing the start of a larger project that it expects to be deployed in 2015.

  • India - XZERES is in advanced discussions regarding deployments for remote telecom tower solutions in multiple regions and multiple carriers throughout the country.

  • Caribbean region - XZERES is in the final stages of concluding a number of specific opportunities in multiple areas of the Caribbean, with initial projects expected to come to fruition this fiscal year.

  • Continental Europe - XZERES is pursuing specific project opportunities in Italy, Greece, Romania, Poland, the Baltic countries and elsewhere where its 50kW system is ideally designed for existing low-voltage utility grids. This provides a cost advantage over other slightly larger turbines that attempt to "de-rate" in an effort to fit within grid limits.

  • UK FITCO - The company has been actively promoting the FITCO program in the UK since last year. It has contributed to revenues over the last several quarters, although at a moderate level. The program enables a landowner to receive a turbine and the power it generates for free while the investor partner (Gale Force) collects the available feed-in-tariff payouts. Gale Force committed significant funding resources for the UK and now Japan efforts, with the focus on purchasing the XZERES 10kW turbine. XZERES is working with project partners who assist in identifying quality sites, meeting with the landowner, and securing a lease contract for Gale Force. Once the site has planning and connection approval, Gale Force then purchases the system from XZERES who then assists in arranging for installation. In the UK, there are a number of sites awaiting permit approvals.

  • Domestic Sales and Lease - XZERES launched a leasing program earlier this year for the domestic market that is similar in concept to popular domestic solar leasing models. It complements the company's existing sales efforts. The program is focused on specific regions where customer economics are the most attractive.

Fiscal Q2 2015 Financial Summary
Total revenues for the second quarter of 2015 totaled $655,000, as compared to $1.0 million in the same year-ago quarter. "Our topline was lower than anticipated in the second quarter primarily due to a quality issue on a critical system component where the manufacturer did not conform to XZERES specifications," said XZERES CEO David Hofflich. "However, we resolved the quality issue in August and are actively working to bring our production levels of the component back up to target levels."

During the quarter, the company elected to take a one-time addition to its warranty reserve related to the quality issue, which negatively impacted gross margins.

Operating expenses totaled $2.1 million as compared to $2.5 million in the same year-ago quarter. The increase is due to increased sales expense and marketing costs, partially offset by a decrease in engineering and R&D expenses, as well as general and administrative expenses.

Comprehensive net loss totaled $3.0 million as compared to comprehensive net loss of $2.0 million in the same year-ago quarter. The loss in the fiscal Q2 2015 included non-cash charges totaling $1.0 million related to debt discount amortization and equity compensation expenses (see the company's SEC filling on Form 10-Q for further details).

Cash and cash equivalents increased to $5.0 million at August 31, 2014, from $0.1 million at May 31, 2014. The increase is primarily attributed to a $19.9 million financing with Wells Fargo Bank and strategic equity investors.

Fiscal Q3 2015 Outlook
XZERES expects its fiscal third quarter ending November 30, 2014 to record total gross revenues between $1.7 million and $2.5 million, which would represent an increase over the same year-ago quarter. The company also expects strong sequential growth following the fiscal third quarter.

About XZERES Turbines
XZERES' Skystream 2.4, XZERES 10, and XZERES 50 wind turbines are the best-in-class small scale wind turbines for agricultural, residential, small business and microgrid applications. XZERES turbines are the leading, small-scale wind energy solutions, with more than 9,300 installations worldwide.

XZERES Corp. is a global renewable energy company. The company designs and manufactures on- and off-grid distributed wind turbine systems as well as energy efficiency solutions for commercial, light industrial and residential markets. XZERES products reduce energy costs and carbon footprints. Headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, the company's international distribution network supports the deployment of its products in 110 countries and on all seven continents. For more information please visit

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AS OF AUGUST 31, 2014 AND FEBRUARY 28, 2014  
ASSETS   August 31, 2014     February 28, 2014  
Current Assets                
    Cash and cash equivalents   $ 4,982,523     $ 43,495  
    Accounts and notes receivable, net - current portion     708,705       1,880,398  
    Inventories     2,871,570       2,809,035  
    Inventory deposits     481,053       760,769  
    Deferred financing costs - current portion     89,183       4,778  
    Prepaid expenses     62,996       426,179  
  Total Current Assets     9,196,030       5,924,654  
  Property and Equipment, net     206,220       222,457  
Other Assets                
    Accounts and notes receivable - net of current portion     96,482       107,405  
    Intellectual property     1,802,210       1,802,210  
    Deferred financing costs - net of current portion     178,365       0  
    Deposits     28,888       18,198  
    Total Other Assets     2,105,945       1, 927,813  
TOTAL ASSETS   $ 11,508,195     $ 8,074,924  
Current Liabilities                
    Accounts payable   $ 1,382,095     $ 1,698,001  
    Accrued expenses     501,766       821,708  
    Customer deposits     96,604       81,569  
    Warranty reserve     505,139       189,577  
    VAT & sales tax payable     26,456       105,984  
    Notes payable - related parties - current portion, net of debt discount of $53,987     --       925,192  
    Notes payable - current portion, 2014 net of debt discount of $0 and $547,774, respectively     1,250,004       9,557,390  
Total Current Liabilities     3,762,064       13,379,421  
    Long-term Liabilities                
    Notes payable - related parties - net of debt discount of $13,497     860,682       --  
    Notes payable     13,749,996       --  
    Total Long-term Liabilities     14,610,678       --  
    TOTAL LIABILITIES     18,372,742       13,379,421  
Stockholder's Equity (Deficit)                
    Preferred stock, par $0.001, 5,000,000 shares authorized, 1,428,571 Series A shares issued and outstanding     --       1,429  
    Common stock, par $0.001, 100,000,000 shares authorized, 61,857,197 and 43,126,913 shares issued and outstanding, respectively     61,859       43,129  
    Stock warrants     5,954,810       6,280,172  
    Additional paid in capital     24,548,195       19,706,899  
    Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)     (2,573 )     (1,393 )
    Accumulated deficit     (37,426,838 )     (31,334,733 )
Total Stockholders' Equity (Deficit)     (6,864,547 )     (5,304,497 )
    Three Months Ended     Six Months Ended  
    Aug 31, 2014
    Aug 31, 2013
    Aug 31, 2014
    Aug 31, 2013
GROSS REVENUES   $ 654,786     $ 1,012,403     $ 1,156,733     $ 1,143,790  
COST OF GOODS SOLD     859,970       797,846       1,463,862       908,991  
GROSS PROFIT     (205,184 )     214,557       (307,129 )     234,799  
OPERATING EXPENSES                                
  General and administrative expenses     1,300,122       1,870,271       2,638,964       2,820,914  
  Marketing     131,367       86,738       286,628       162,953  
  Sales expense     433,974       184,023       824,215       394,548  
  Engineering/R&D expense     243,090       338,611       492,085       629,491  
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES     2,108,553       2,479,643       4,241,892       4,007,906  
LOSS FROM OPERATIONS     (2,313,737 )     (2,265,086 )     (4,549,021 )     (3,773,107 )
OTHER INCOME (EXPENSE)                                
  Interest expense     (446,530 )     (240,273 )     (835,490 )     (353,195 )
  Other income (expense)     (280,333 )     558,340       (707,591 )     559,874  
TOTAL OTHER INCOME (EXPENSE)     (726,863 )     318,067       (1,543,081 )     206,679  
LOSS BEFORE PROVISION FOR INCOME TAXES AND OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME (LOSS)     (3,040,600 )     (1,947,019 )     (6,092,102 )     (3,566,428 )
PROVISION FOR INCOME TAXES     0       0       0       0  
NET LOSS ATTRIBUTABLE TO COMMON STOCKHOLDERS     (3,040,600 )     (1,947,019 )     (6,092,102 )     (3,566,428 )
OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME (LOSS)                                
  Foreign currency adjustment gain (loss)     (323 )     (3,191 )     (1,180 )     (41 )
COMPREHENSIVE INCOME (LOSS)   $ (3,040,923 )   $ (1,950,210 )   $ (6,093,282 )   $ (3,566,469 )
NET LOSS PER SHARE:                                
  BASIC AND DILUTED   $ (0.07 )   $ (0.07 )   $ (.11 )   $ (0.13 )
  BASIC AND DILUTED     45,415,857       29,283,542       53,054,186       29,072,775  

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