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February 05, 2008 15:13 ET

Yak, Yak, Yak Focusing on Sonus Network Inc., JDS Uniphase Corp, and DIRECTV

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Maybach Financial Group is a syndicate of investment researchers compiling research from major analysts and fund managers. Our focus is to give investors the financial advantage necessary to sustain profit in all markets. This week, to gauge the outcome of the markets, we are focusing on Sonus Network Inc. (NASDAQ: SONS), JDS Uniphase Corp (NASDAQ: JDSU), and DIRECTV (NASDAQ: DTV). For the full report visit

The Maybach Financial Group will be researching the above-mentioned companies to determine their chances of a turnaround opportunity for investors. Visit for a complimentary subscription to the Maybach service and receive at no cost our "Special Report #1: Protecting Our Future," and "Special Report #2: Hearing is Believing." No credit card or payment information is required.

And No, we're not talking about the four footed one living in the wilds of China. Rather it is the human Yak being discussed. People aren't communicating as much, in the U.S. or in Britain. Both Motorola and 02, Apple's exclusive network partner, have been reducing costs over recent months. Despite cutting the cost of its handsets, Motorola is forced to consider demerging the handset unit in order to halt the sharp decline in sales. Meanwhile O2 has cut its iPhone Tariffs, causing speculation that sales have not been as strong as expected. However, the marketing director, Sally Cowdry, insists that the iPhone is the fastest selling device ever.

Competition is ever evolving and VoiP (Voice over internet Protocol) is making waves in a big way Sonus Network Inc. (NASDAQ: SONS) is leading the way delivering billions of voice traffic minutes-per-month for some of the largest carrier networks in the world. Sonus delivers end-to-end, IP based telecommunications in over 50 countries. On February 25-29, 2008, Sonus will be presenting at will the next "IMS Plugfest" an industry wide forum designed to foster the interoperability of IMS applications and services hosted by The University of New Hampshire InterOp Lab.

What you hear, you want to see and JDS Uniphase Corp (NASDAQ: JDSU) offers the industry's broadest portfolio of optical communication components, modules and subsystem applications for telecommunications, data communications and cable TV. JDS' optical communications family includes CATV, (LAN/WAN), FTTx, Long Haul/UHL, Metro Access including Metro Core/DWDM/SONET/SDH, Optical Cross Connect (OXC), Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Submarine for undersea transmission qualification.

Undersea transmissions don't help much if your TV signal comes from space, as it does when you have satellite service such as DIRECTV (NASDAQ: DTV). The recent announcement of the joint venture with TNS Media to launch TNS DIRECTView in 2008, TNS will be able to measure the viewing of programs and commercials, at second-by-second intervals, of 100,000 representative households. DIRECTV and TNS began their relationship last year when TNS launched its audience measurement services focusing on interactive subscribers of DIRECTV.

The Directv Group Inc. (NASDAQ: DTV) began the day at $23.07 down $0.28 (-1.20%), on a trading volume of 1,088,552, slightly lower than the $27.73 52 week high.

Sonus Network Inc. (NASDAQ: SONS) saw prices of $4.12 in early trading Tuesday, down $0.078 or -1.86% on volumes of 419,974, just above the 52 week low of $3.00.

JDS Uniphase Corp (NASDAQ: JDSU) fell $0.09 (-0.86%) to $10.38 Tuesday morning on a trading volume of 711,426, less than a $1.00 above the 52 week low of $9.49.

After witnessing the recent plunge in the markets influenced by the resource sector, the falling housing slump and employment issues, smart investors and hedge funds are shifting interests into other sectors. The markets are changing and investors are scared. The Bull Run that we have been use to over the past four years is starting to become more like a stampede in the other direction.

Stock markets are normally volatile, but investors have enjoyed a four-year run of below normal volatility and steady upward movement. Ups and downs, yes. But the Bull Run has been great over the past three to four years and has not ended as abruptly as many have predicted.

But while the end of the Bull Run has been predicted for more than a year, long-term investors shouldn't be worried. Of course, only if you know what you are doing.

First off, don't throw all your eggs into one basket.

Secondly, and most importantly, pick winners that last.

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We've seen oil markets spike, we've seen oil markets fall. We've seen wars, we've seen terrorist attacks. Chances are that the events that occur have a short term impact when you consider the overall factors of a 5-year forecast. We need to learn to take advantage of these economic factors. Think of homeland security. Most investors -- and unfortunately far too many brokers -- go on a buying spree the minute a rally starts in a particular sector. Correspondingly, they panic at the first sign of a downturn and tend to sell off some great stocks -- right before the dead cat bounces.

But Maybach isn't about day-trading and making money fast. It's about being patient and learning the secret of how to get rich slowly. Visit to receive two Special Reports -- free when you sign up! Or visit for your free subscription and BONUS reports.

It's also about adding stocks to your portfolio that have little or no effect against the state of the economy. The world as we know it has changed. Gone are the days of tradition and old school values. The entertainment industry is booming with the new technology in flat panel TVs. Take a look at some of the most recent headlines and you'll also see that the movies are setting box office records. Visit under our focus section to receive a free report on this sector.

Another sector we need to be focusing on right now is homeland security -- for obvious reasons of course. Visit under our focus section to receive yet another free report on this sector. Visit to receive our Special Report #1 and #2 with information on how to combat the markets and how the face of the future is changing. Maybach Financial (Maybach) is not a registered broker dealer or a registered investment advisor. No information accessed through the Maybach Web site or this release constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security in any jurisdiction. Please consult a broker before purchasing or selling any securities viewed on or mentioned herein. There is no financial relationship that exists between the issuer of this release and the company whose stock is mentioned in the release. Please view the disclaimer at

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