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November 25, 2010 09:30 ET

Yaletown Capital Corp. and Freedom Bionics: Family Smart Phone Networking Keeps You "In The Know"

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 25, 2010) - Yaletown Capital Corp. (TSX VENTURE:YCC) and Freedom Bionics ("Yaletown", "Freedom", the "Companies") are pleased to announce a new and affordable family social network available for Smartphones. Family care and communications can now be enhanced with a wide range of key services. 

These include:

  • the ability to provide abnormal or specific location of family members in real time;
  • GPS fencing and predator detection for children, fall detection for seniors; 
  • safe driving evaluator with rapid deceleration monitoring for possible auto accident detection (driver or passenger) and
  • physical or internet-based threats to child safety. 

In addition, many other family-related situations can be managed including integrated medical summary records and the relative position of children when away from home, traveling or simply out shopping. The Companies' technology underpinning these services is based on a new artificial intelligence behaviour management software module.

In addition to everyday care and communications capability, parents and caregivers are seeking technical, but private solutions to manage various family situations. When children are involved, ensuring that they are safe is paramount wherever they are, and in whatever they are doing, including accessing the mobile internet and texting. The same applies to managing the care and safety of elderly relatives, especially those living alone, or when physical or psychological disability issues may be of concern. Freedom has designed a simple-to-understand display - when you press the start button on a smart phone, an up-to-date status screen appears, and one-touch commands will take you to the relevant status of any family member. 

New Smart phones are now becoming equipped with a range of built-in sensors that are available at no additional cost to the purchaser. These sensors include GPS, a compass, clock, accelerometer, gyro, microphone, and a camera. By optimising the use of these sensors through the Companies' proprietary technologies, we can gain knowledge about what is happening with those who carry the phones. This is called "situational awareness".

Personal Information "Bubbles" Can Relay One's Situation

Each family member who uses a Smartphone creates their own personal information module, or "bubble". Using Freedom Bionics' Family Network Service, this information "bubble" can be connected to those of other family members who can share family information that is of interest or pertinent to the family situation. 

The Network Service is able to store summary medical records on both a smart phone and on the network. In case of emergency, these records can be a lifesaver and can include diagnosed medical illnesses, recently prescribed drugs, prior hospital treatment and emergency contact information.

Freedom's Family Network Can Keep You Safe in Any Car

Many new automobiles are being equipped with features that provide the driver with a wealth of information related to car health, operation and external communications capabilities. As noted in the recent article posted on http://media.ford.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=33366 the Ford Motor Company is equipping many of its new vehicles with Microsoft SYNC™. Many other automobile manufacturers are following suit and are producing USB enabled vehicles, effectively creating an information "bubble" around the vehicle. When one enters such vehicles the "bubble" can connect you to Freedom's Family Network Service, and to your own family "bubble". In an automobile situation, the Network Service software can monitor driving habits in real time. Unlike vehicle safety systems, the Freedom smartphone system travels with you. For new drivers the software can provide active feedback to the parents and driver. This communicates the reality of driving habits not the story the teen wants to tell, maybe saving a life because the teens know that monitoring is active.

"Cognitive Filtering" Separates "Need-To-Know" Information from Unwanted Information

By using advanced techniques coupled with the behaviour history known as cognitive filters, the Network software can automatically allow users to decide on the level of detail they want from their family information "bubbles". Information regarded as important can be elevated to their attention while less important items are logged and available for future reference. For example, a parent might regard as important and want to know immediately when their child has left the school grounds during school hours. Information indicating that the child was still safely at school could be bypassed. On-demand information about current location would be available when requested.

"For as little as pennies a day, Freedom's new 'Just Family Network' can alert responsible family members to critical events, especially when a dependant is in an unsafe situation. But at the same time, those who are network members can maintain their freedom without family concerns consuming a large part of one's life," said Douglas Kind, the Companies' CEO. 

Further information on the Companies' new products is available on www.justfamilynetwork.com

About Freedom Bionics and Yaletown Capital Corporation.

Freedom Bionics is a subsidiary of Yaletown Capital Corporation, and specialises in the design of network-based safety, communications and cognitive assistance applications, products and services. Yaletown Capital Corporation is listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange under the symbol "YCC".

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