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Yammer, Inc.

November 09, 2011 07:35 ET

Yammer Launches Ticker for Enterprise

A Real-Time Console for All Company Apps, Content and Business Data

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - Yammer, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise social networks, today released Ticker for enterprise, an activity stream that shows in real time what co-workers are doing in their enterprise applications. Users see actions taken both in Yammer and in third-party applications. Ticker dramatically accelerates the distribution of information through an organization, enhancing discovery and collaboration around business data and content.

As part of today's release, Yammer also strengthened its long-form content features, introducing Pages -- a next-generation wiki -- and improved file sharing. These features generate activity stories in Ticker as users create or upload content.

"When Facebook introduced Ticker two months ago, it changed the way people discover media on the web. Inside a company, Ticker is even more transformative in terms of surfacing relevant business data and content," said David Sacks, founder and CEO of Yammer. "As more enterprise apps add activity feeds, it creates the opportunity to aggregate all of these feeds in one place, breaking down silos and enabling the entire company to collaborate on the data."

Ticker Integration Partners
As part of the initial release, nine enterprise applications will be feeding Ticker: Badgeville, Box, Expensify, NetSuite,, SharePoint, Spigit, TripIt and Zendesk. Click here to see a related press release.

Content from SharePoint and appears in Ticker as a result of Yammer-built connectors for those platforms. The other seven integration partners built their own connectors using the Yammer Activity Stream API. Over time, more partners will take advantage of this open API to push activity feeds into Yammer, and because third-party activity stories link back to the original record, partners benefit as Ticker drives traffic back to their applications.

Content Can Now "Go Viral" in an Enterprise
Also launching today, Pages allows users to easily create a rich-text wiki page designed for dynamic long-form content such as reference material, meeting notes or drafts of project deliverables. Pages can be collaboratively created and edited by multiple users in real-time and when those users are working together on a page, their cursors are color-coded. All changes to a page are saved in recoverable versions.

As new Pages are created and additional versions are saved, activity stories appear in Ticker. This means that content can "go viral" in a network, as discovery drives participation, which drives more discovery. The creation of documents that would have taken a single employee days to create by themselves can now be crowd-sourced and created in minutes.

Today's enhancements also include a new Page for each file uploaded to Yammer, where employees can preview and mark up the document, upload a new version, view version history and start a conversation around the document. The URL to each file Page is a permalink that can be shared within the company, becoming the canonical reference for the document as new versions are uploaded.

Both Pages and Files leverage the social infrastructure of Yammer, which means they include the following functionality:

  • They can be followed, which generates a notification when a new version is added
  • They can be attached to messages and commented on in the Yammer feed
  • They can be easily shared with individuals or groups
  • They can be related to each other in a sidebar module, allowing project collaborators to quickly reference other relevant materials
  • They appear in full-text, type-ahead search

Open Graph for Enterprise: Facebook is the Standard
The technology behind Ticker, like the product itself, draws inspiration from Facebook. Developed by Facebook and widely used by developers to build integrations on the consumer web, Yammer is extending the Open Graph Protocol for the enterprise. Using this open standard, developers can easily build integrations with Yammer so that activity stories from other enterprise applications can be published to Ticker.

"By leveraging Open Graph, Yammer has created a dead simple integration path," said David Barrett, CEO of Expensify. "We were able to build the integration and get up and running in no time."

"We believe that Open Graph will be the standard for activity stream integration," said Adam Pisoni, CTO of Yammer. "Developers are already familiar with this framework, and it allows for powerful integrations without complicated integration projects."

Ticker, Pages and Files are available now.

Comments About the News:

"With the addition of Pages, Files and the Activity Stream Ticker, Yammer is becoming a central hub for business collaboration. Enterprise social networking picks up where Intranets leave off, enabling us to harness our connections, content and data in powerful new ways."
-- Phoebe Venkat, global marketing communications manager, Tyco

"Yammer has revolutionized how we share information at Initiative, breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration across departments, geographies and levels. It is becoming our company intranet and then some."
-- Lawrence De Voe, chief technology catalyst, Initiative Media

"Yammer raises the collective consciousness of our organization. Using Yammer has decentralized the information flow at Capgemini to create greater collaboration from the periphery of our organization to the center."
-- Rick Mans, social media strategist and member CTO office, Capgemini

"As a rapidly growing company, we need tools that enable us to scale and still stay agile, aligned and efficient. With Yammer, information flows across our organization seamlessly between the front office and back office without any filter so that knowledge, news and decisions spread in seconds. When we look back at the history of our company, we will think about it in terms of before Yammer and after Yammer because of its impact on how we operate.
-- Peter Tang Thomsen, CEO, EDI-Soft

"Next-generation collaborative enterprises are embracing the idea that shared knowledge is power and leveraging social business tools like Yammer to drive a culture of knowledge sharing, openness and transparency. Our research shows social business tools like Yammer can increase productivity up to 30 percent, while also increasing efficiency, accelerating innovation and providing greater visibility across organizations."
-- Erin Traudt, research director, Enterprise Collaboration and Social Solutions, IDC

"We continue to innovate at a feverish pace, inspired by both consumer social media and the compelling ways in which our customers are using Yammer to gain a competitive edge. Because of our architecture, we are able to conceive of, develop and release new functionality in the time it takes to deploy competitors' solutions. This gives us an unmatched, sustainable advantage."
-- Adam Pisoni, CTO, Yammer

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