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December 13, 2010 13:49 ET

Yammer Webcast to Feature CEO of Deloitte Digital and Josh Bernoff Discussing the Benefits of Enterprise Social Networking

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 13, 2010) - Yammer, Inc. will host a webinar tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. PST featuring Josh Bernoff, senior vice president of Forrester Research, Inc. and co-author of Empowered as well as Pete Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital whose Yammer success story is included in Empowered.

In Empowered, Josh Bernoff noted that at Deloitte Australia, "The culture of sharing was present, but the technology for sharing wasn't. Pete changed that. Pete knew that in a large organization, email is too clogged up and not fast enough for the sharing he needed... So when it came time to figure out how Deloitte could take innovation to the next level, Pete turned to the simplest, lightest-weight, fastest thing he could find: Yammer (Harvard Business Review Press; September 2010, pp. 159-160)."

Deloitte Australia has used Yammer in a variety of ways, including leveraging the enterprise social network to crowdsource ideas for an advertising campaign. The initiative proved so successful that the organization was able to forgo hiring an advertising agency and now regularly engages its own employees to participate in key strategic decisions.

"We have developed new products using Yammer, which now drive revenue; we have made major improvements to our business by harnessing the collective wisdom of our people and we have engaged 4,500 people in the process of building a marketing strategy," said Pete Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital. "Since creating our Yammer network two years ago, we have seen a wide array of tangible benefits, both expected and unexpected."

Key Benefits of Yammer to Deloitte Australia include:

  • Reduced Employee Turnover: Deloitte Australia was voted one of the top places to work in its country by the Great Place to Work Institute, an honor reflecting the company's attention to employee engagement, turnover, and satisfaction. Running an internal analysis, Deloitte Australia found that professionals with 10 or more posts on Yammer had an average turnover rate of 2 percent, compared to a firm-wide average of 15-20 percent. These professionals were 8-10 times as likely to stay with the firm. 

  • Time Savings: Deloitte Australia estimates posting a question to Yammer can save a knowledge worker upwards of an hour of time that would otherwise be spent researching.

  • Creating a Community: Deloitte Australia employees use Yammer to connect more readily with others who share their interests and expertise. Many shared interest groups have formed, like the "Deloitte Moms Group," a group of women that discuss maternity leave as well as balancing the demands of work and parenting. This group directly aligns with Deloitte Digital management imperative of empowering women, while other groups align with Deloitte Australia's initiatives to promote diversity and innovation. Being able to connect over shared interests groups like "Deloitte Bikers" and professional expertise groups like "Audit Specialists," the company's employees now experience a greater sense of community.

  • Flattened Organization: Employees are empowered to share opinions and advice with executives, breaking down communication barriers and flattening hierarchy.

  • Talent Identification: Deloitte Australia's most knowledgeable and influential employees can share their wealth of relevant information with the rest of the company, allowing the company to more easily promote from within, and saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on external hires.

"Deloitte Australia has been a long-time champion for Yammer adoption in the enterprise," said Steve Apfelberg, Yammer's vice president of marketing. "Deloitte has enthusiastically conducted their own research and has experimented with different ways companies can leverage the product. They have demonstrated Yammer's ability to deliver measureable ROI and sustainable business benefits over time and we are excited to continue contributing to their ongoing success."

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