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April 24, 2013 14:05 ET

Yankee Candle and Robot Add-Ons Launch New Mother's Day Gift

GEORGETOWN, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2013) - Yankee Candle Company and Robot Add-Ons have teamed together to launch "RoomAroma," a new way to bring your favorite Yankee Candle fragrance into one's home for those who own a Roomba -- the popular robotic floor vacuum cleaner.

And what mom doesn't like a clean home and a great smelling home?

As Roomba glides effortlessly across floors picking up dirt and dust -- air from inside the robotic vacuum flows over a signature Yankee Candle infused gel-fragrance module that is attached securely to the back of the Roomba. The revolutionary design allows the mild stream of air to safely spread fragrance automatically and efficiently throughout the home as Roomba cleans.

The Yankee Candle fragrance module presently comes in four popular fragrances: Clean Cotton, MacIntosh, Sun & Sand and Vanilla Cupcake.

"RoomAroma is the combination of two amazing brands and products that change the way fragrance is distributed in the home" said Jim Lynch, co-founder of Robot Add-Ons, who got the idea for the RoomAroma while testing other "add-on" accessories in homes of Roomba owners. "We noticed a lot of Yankee Candle products in people's homes," added Barry Stout, co-founder of Robot Add-Ons. "It seemed the same people who liked their homes smelling nice also liked clean floors!"

"Surely the DNA of a Roomba lover is the same as a Yankee Candle lover," said Lynch.

It was not long before Lynch and Stout decided to combine the strengths of both Yankee Candle Fragrance and Roomba to produce what is now known as "RoomAroma" that is sold at all Bed Bath & Beyond stores. The company is headquartered in Georgetown, Mass. with distribution centers in New Jersey and Danvers, Mass.

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More About the Founders of Robot Add-Ons:

Both Jim Lynch and Barry Stout worked at iRobot Corporation, the company that created the Roomba.

Jim Lynch: Before leaving iRobot, Lynch led the development effort on several robots including Roomba, many accessories and over 50 interactive toy concepts during his 11-year tenure. He is also the creator of Looj, the world's first gutter cleaning robot. He previously worked for the research arm of LEGO toys leading to the development of robotic LEGO MINDSTORMS.

Barry Stout: During his experience at iRobot, Stout developed software and product specifications for the new Roomba. Also at iRobot, he led a team of engineers for new product and sensor development. During the previous ten years, Barry developed many popular consumer printers where he earned 16 patents for this work along with several more pending.

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