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June 27, 2013 13:58 ET

Yappem Social Network Officially Launches Website at TechWeek Chicago

Users Earn Real-World Rewards for Socially Sharing Brand Experiences; Yappem Partners With Big Brands -- McDonald's and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt; Watch Yappem on Chicago's CBS Morning News Friday, June 28; Launch Party Featuring Jenny McCarthy Friday, June 28

SHEBOYGAN, WI--(Marketwired - June 27, 2013) - Yappem, a social media platform that rewards users for sharing their brand experiences, officially launches its website and new App version to the public, inviting people to share their opinions -- good or bad -- about brands and products. Yappem is available at, as well as the Apple App Store ( and Google Play Store ( 

Yappem delivers a more sophisticated and engaging social media experience around brands and provides users with valuable, real-world rewards. As users post their brand experiences on Yappem and interact with one another, they are rewarded through a virtual Yappem Coin system. Coins accrued can be cashed in for gift cards from a variety of major retailers and popular stores. 

"Social technologies are empowering everyone to have a voice and become a content creator. It was our vision for Yappem to expand on that premise by offering real-world rewards tied to people's content, incentivizing people to express their experiences about brands on Yappem for actual rewards and giving them the option to share through to their social network," states Yappem Co-founder Dave Sachse.

Here's how Yappem works:

* Users creatively post to the feed their own brand and product experiences, good or bad, and earn virtual Yappem Coins. The feed posting category options are:

  • ExperienceShare your experience, related to brands, products and people.
  • SuggestionOffer an idea or advice to a brand or your followers.
  • SupportAsk your followers and the brand community for help.
  • CompareCompare two products or brands side-by-side to get input.

* Users have the opportunity to accept 'branded missions' with pre-specified Yappem Coin rewards, which are redeemable upon completion of each mission.

* Users can engage by posting within 'communities' built around their favorite brands, or more passively by simply commenting on other posts, or just reading them.

* The Yappem experience is designed to be shared. Users can follow or be followed by friends, family and others and share their activity through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and email.

*Once the user banks enough Yappem Coins they can be exchanged for a multitude of discounts, deals and gift cards from their favorite stores and major retailers.

Yappem is built on the power of taking the user from the "keyboard-to-sidewalk." The rewards program bridges the gap between the virtual world and the real world. 

Thousands of Yappem Brand Communities have been created around major retailers, people in the public eye and franchises. While, Yappem gives brand-conscious users an outlet to express their passion online, companies benefit by easily identifying those brand ambassadors, as well as learn from those who might not have had a positive experience. Early adopting brand partners include McDonald's and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt. Yappem ran a successful promotion with McDonald's at this year's SXSW and is gearing up for a promotion this Fall with Menchie's.

Another layer to Yappem's platform offers opt-in gamification, where customizable branded "missions" are built around specific products and companies. Missions encourage users to get out and share memorable interactions they have with brands or products in their life. The missions are crafted around a multitude of themes like: #Fashion, #Foodie, #Gamer, #KidToy, #DateNight and many more. Users can choose to participate in a mission anytime and, after successful completion, reap the rewards.

"Companies are seeking the ability to become part of real and organic brand conversations, and Yappem offers a platform that encourages people to voice their brand opinions, which is synergistic. We are giving companies the ability to engage their customers in two-way conversations, a dominating option in today's social media driven world. We take great pride in providing a secure environment for our users to engage with each other, as well as directly with brands in a fun interactive way," says Justin Webb, Yappem Co-founder and CEO.

Community is a big part of Yappem's DNA. As part of TechWeek Chicago, the company's Mid-Western neighbors, "CBS 2 Morning News" will run a story on Yappem that is scheduled to air Friday, June 28.

One of the sponsors of TechWeek Chicago (, Yappem's launch party is being held Friday, June 28 at 8 p.m. at American Junkie and will be a great opportunity for people to interact with the platform, win prizes and even meet special celebrity guest, Jenny McCarthy. 

About Yappem: The Yappem user interface (UI) promotes easy navigation and use for all users. The Yappem website and App were designed around the philosophy that users desire a relevant, useful, simple, fun and rewarding experience. Yappem,™ Rewarded for Having A Voice; is a social media network out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Yappem has created a niche brand-centric online community of socially active users who share interesting and useful information about their brand experiences. A simple, and secure, tracking system rewards the interactions in the form of virtual Yappem Coins, which are redeemable for gift cards, deals and discounts. For more information on Yappem, its founders, and its mission visit:

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