Yappn Corp.

Yappn Corp.

May 06, 2014 09:00 ET

Yappn Launches E-Commerce Platform Enabling Companies to Expand to New Global Markets

Groundbreaking Service Provides Real-Time Language Services for E-commerce Platforms in Nearly 70 Languages

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwired - May 6, 2014) - Yappn Corp. (OTCQB:YPPN), the only real-time language services technology company that allows members of the global community to socially engage and facilitate communications online instantly in nearly 70 languages, today announces the launch of its groundbreaking e-commerce platform. This new disruptive service covers the entire transactional experience - from pre-sales marketing and brand messaging, to e-commerce search and shopping cart check-out and post-sales support - all in the customers' native language. Yappn facilitates the e-commerce experience for companies across the globe, allowing them to extend their reach and have a true global voice and presence.

As part of the initial launch, well-known street and action sportswear brands, including Yeah Nice, Ethika, Rocksmith, Wu-Tang Clan, and Ezekiel are leveraging Yappn's new e-commerce service and integrating it into their existing online sales platforms.

"As we continue to grow and expand, it's critical that we provide the same online experience for people who speak any global language," said Todd Kane, Digital Marketing Director of Rocksmith / Wu-Tang. "By integrating Yappn's new e-commerce platform, we will be able to communicate more effectively with our consumers and facilitate a seamless online experience for those shopping on our website."

According to a recent study, 75 percent of consumers say they want to see products in their native language. With 73 percent of the world's online population being non-native English speakers, the demand for language services technology continues to climb alongside a 19 percent increase in international e-commerce sales. Ultimately, Yappn's e-commerce platform provides comfort and respect to consumers who are engaging in the purchasing process by providing them with content in their native language. In addition, the platform allows companies to realize new revenue channels within the broader multi-billion dollar multi-lingual community.

"Brands can no longer afford to market and sell in one primary language, especially within online communities where there are no borders to goods and services," said David Lucatch, founder and CEO of Yappn. "Fashion and apparel brands are often at the cutting-edge of new technologies that drive growth, which is why we chose to partner with companies like Yeah Nice, Ethika, Rocksmith, Wu-Tang Clan, and Ezekiel during our initial e-commerce launch - these are brands that can help build momentum in the global marketplace."

In addition to U.S. companies who want to reach those within our own country who do not speak English - more than 21 percent of Americans speak another language other than English at home - Yappn's new platform will be incredibly impactful for e-commerce sites in Asia, Europe and South America who want to breakthrough and earn market share within the U.S.

Ultimately, Yappn's goal is to globalize e-commerce and help brands increase, in real-time, their visibility and sales. By creating an online marketplace that is language agnostic, companies have the opportunity to expand, grow, and communicate within a multi-lingual environment.

For more information on Yappn or their new e-commerce platform, please visit www.yappn.com/ecommerce.

About Yappn

Yappn is a real-time multilingual company that amplifies brand messaging, helps conduct commerce and provides customer support by globalizing these experiences with its proprietary approach to language. Through its real-time multilingual amplification platform, Yappn eliminates the language barrier, allowing the free flow of communications in nearly 70 languages. Yappn has developed cost effective unique and proprietary technology tools and services that create dynamic solutions that enhance a brands messaging, media, and e-commerce and support platforms. For more information, please visit http://corporate.yappn.com.

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