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Yappn Corp.

November 25, 2013 16:15 ET

Yappn Powers Online Publishers to Increase User Engagement, Page Views and Revenue

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwired - Nov. 25, 2013) - Yappn Corp (OTCBB:YPPN) ("Yappn" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that Yappn.com (www.yappn.com), is launching new tool sets and professional services publishing.yappn.com to power online content, magazine, image banks, newspaper and newsletter publishers with solutions to increase user engagement, page views, advertising and other revenue through integrated image enhancement, social media and user chat in up to 70 languages.

Creating new and ingenious ways to reach a growing online global audience using native and multi-lingual engagement strategies is one of the prime missions of Yappn. This includes the ability to create multiple online pages and revenue opportunities from the same, original content using Yappn's tools, effectively creating new and additional forms of online content or "real estate" to which advertising and other monetization events can be attached. Yappn delivers its services in HTML 5, allowing content to be built once but deployed across almost all devices including web, mobile, tablets and smartphones without the need for stand alone apps.

Yappn provides its services on a fee for services basis, and in some cases on a CPM (cost per thousand) or as a percentage of revenue to online advertising and monetization events.

Industries like Financial Services and Banking have seen significant program development and success in niche marketing to non-English based segments. The shift from English only to include other languages has created significant opportunities for alternative language based premium advertising and revenue programs however the cost of creating multiple language content has remained high usually requiring additional internal resources and services. Yappn's business model creates a cost effective and efficient solution to the traditional resource issues.

Yappn is currently working with a number of regional, national and international publishers and content providers in the US and Canada to implement a new and engaging program that delivers enhanced social content for online articles and images in English and other key languages along with specific dynamic chat associated with the subject matter.

"Developing new channels of engagement for our users, both in English and other languages is essential to the long term success of online publishing," said Mr. Fabian Dawson, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at The Province, which is part of Postmedia Network Canada Corp. - the largest publisher by circulation of paid English-language daily newspapers in Canada.

Mr. Dawson added, "Vancouver, like other major metropolitan cities across the globe, is seeing a shift to online engagement and language and Yappn provides services that will help publishers reach larger audiences and create new forms of multi-lingual social engagement. It provides new pathways for newspapers and other online publishers to increase page views and further monetize content."

Internet advertising continues to grow and publishers continue to create new avenues to take advantage of the growing trends. Reported by TechCrunch on September 30, 2013 "Global ad spend in 2013 will see steady growth of 3.5% to reach $503 billion by the end of the year, and the amount going into internet advertising will continue to get larger, according to figures out today from Publicis-owned ad agency ZenithOptimedia. In the U.S. - disproportionately the largest single ad market - digital in 2013 will account for 21.8% of all ad spend ($109.7 billion), up from 19% the year before. The analyst further commented that on a global basis, mobile advertising was worth $8.3bn in 2012, or 9.5% of internet expenditure / 1.7% of advertising across all media and that by 2015 we forecast this total to rise to $33.1 billion, which will be 25.2% of internet expenditure and 6.0% of all expenditure."

Over 66 Million people in the United States don't speak English at home, according to the 2011 Census and over 67% of people on the Internet globally are online in a language other than English. In the past 10 years, English has become the 7th fastest growth language with Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian and Arabic quickly becoming dominant languages of the global community.

"Yappn is receiving a flurry of interest in our multi-lingual social engagement and eCommerce programs as agencies, publishers, retailers, artists and brands look to engage their audiences in a cost effective and efficient manner," commented David Lucatch Founder and CEO of Yappn. "As global audiences grow, we believe that businesses will turn to our services to deliver relevant social content, online real estate and eCommerce solutions that make good economic and market sense and improve the bottom line."

Yappn is also working with alternative content publishers that provide image and video content to develop new ways to create engagement with their programs. Traditionally consumed on an individual view basis, Yappn's social tools allow content to be consumed alongside social feeds, increasing viewer dynamics. Commercially sponsored revenue pages, using Yappn Tools for entertainment and brands have seen viewer activity and engagement reach over 28 Minutes per user session. These pages are increasingly becoming "sticky" as Yappn provides a proprietary platform that delivers complimentary, multi-lingual social media from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other major social media platforms in multiple languages.

Yappn provides a "one stop" commercial solution for a brand's global social media consolidation efforts, creating consumption channels in multiple languages. The increased time spent on Yappn brand pages, which can be part of the Yappn network and / or be private labelled on their own digital platforms, allows companies to create additional engagement, commerce and interactive opportunities to further provide users with value.

Yappn continues its development of new, revenue driven feature sets. Each new feature set is built on a prime revenue driver for Yappn as it continues to work with clients and their agencies to develop new deployment tools and programs to reach an expanding global audience.

Learn more at www.yappn.com.

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About Yappn Corp. - corporate.yappn.com

Yappn provides people and brands the power to be social, conduct commerce and communicate freely without a language barrier.

Creating successful digital programs in today's changing global environment requires the ability to communicate in your customer's language. Today, over 66 Million people in the US don't speak English at home and over 67% of worldwide online users surf in a language other than English.

Yappn Chat allows people to meet, chat, engage and consumer content based on their interests and not where they live, their friends or the language that they speak.

Yappn has developed cost effective unique and proprietary technology tools and services that create dynamic solutions that enhance a client's social media and eCommerce platforms. Yappn also provides complementary programming for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Tumblr.

While this sounds simple, creating a unique and dynamic social environment that transcends devices, platforms and languages takes a lot of experience and finesse. Yappn creates amplification for media messaging and eCommerce while increasing a global footprint all in real-time without the interference of cross language issues.

Our clients constantly think up unique ways to use Yappn that extends their growing social audience, while increasing brand engagement with today's multi-lingual audience. We look forward to the growing need to support global amplification and provide our clients with the best services in the industry.

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