March 30, 2011 13:00 ET

yap.TV Brings TV Stars to the Social TV Party

The Most Popular Social TV App for iOS Version 2.5 Brings Real-Time Star Tweets, Star Photos, Private Party Group Chat, Enhanced iPhone Interface, and More

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) - yap.TV (, the premier social TV application for chatting and interacting with friends and fans for any TV show, sports game or live broadcast event, has just launched a significant upgrade in version 2.5 especially designed for iPhone and iPod touch. This update enhances the existing yap.TV interface and now organizes show Twitter feeds into "topics," with contextually relevant streams for thousands of programs, including the personal feeds of TV show stars such as Kim Kardashian or Charlie Sheen. The only social TV app fusing a programming guide for all US shows and events with Twittersphere conversation and real-time interactive features, yap.TV offers the ultimate interface for engaging with friends, foes and fans on the web from the palm of your hand.

The new yap.TV 2.5 update also revamps the personal chat interface within yap.TV itself, offering even quicker and smoother navigation, as well as better tracking of conversation within different program chat rooms.

Specifically, the most significant features included in this new yap.TV update are:

  • TV Star Tweets - yap.TV currently streams tweets from millions of show fans from around the world for thousands of TV shows, and now with "TV Show Topics," fans can see tweets from all their favorite stars, shows, directors, and more, offering a method of stream organization not available in even Twitter itself. For example, want to see what former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen, the show's official Twitter account, and the show's fans are saying on Twitter all at the same time? There's a Yap for that.

  • TV Star Photos & More - In an assemblage of content you won't find on any other social TV app, photos of stars, as well as awards listings, are now available for hundreds of popular TV shows through the "Extra Content" button.

  • Private Parties, Group Chat - Show fans can now host "Private Parties" in multiple shows at once and easily switch between them, and "new message notifications" have been added to keep track of conversation in different parties. Can't make it to your friend's weekly watch party, but still want to discuss the show in real time with them? There's a Yap for that.

  • Activity Stream for Every Show - Fans can now see friends' and other show fans' activity in the "All Yaps" section and can filter their friends' Yap stream by selecting "Friends."

  • Improved iPhone / iPod touch Navigation - New buttons are available for moving between Tweets, Yaps, Polls, Private Parties, and more, so that all this exciting new content is more readily available and your yap.TV experience is smoother than ever.

These new features give an entirely new look to the leading social TV app, boasting the most advanced integration of native chat, user polls, custom chat groups and Facebook and Twitter integration. yap.TV users on smaller devices will now be able to navigate the yap.TV from iPhone and iPod touch with newfound ease and simplicity. yap.TV is now a complete one-stop shop for second screen-based chat and social interaction for all your favorite TV shows.

"We created yap.TV because we felt that a social TV app should allow the user to do more than just check in," said yap.TV CEO Trevor Stout. "With this latest update, we think the viewers will become more deeply engaged with their favorite programming than ever before."

Already the most attractive TV Show guide for your second screen, yap.TV's slicker, quicker interface and improved aggregation of social streams will now undoubtedly elicit even more engagement within the app itself. Version 2.5 is available now on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

About yap.TV
yap.TV is the first Social Program Guide for interactive TV on the second screen -- "Fan's Best Friend"™. yap.TV marries an attractive, personalized television program guide with a tuned-for-TV Twitter client, while also allowing for fan-generated content within yap.TV itself, such as user polls and private chat. In short, yap.TV offers TV fans the ultimate second-screen interactive experience while engaging the first screen of their traditional televisions. yap.TV is venture-backed by Javelin Venture Partners and Blumberg Capital, and is also advised by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. More information can be found at