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October 15, 2013 16:05 ET

YarcData Aligns With Selventa to Help Pharmaceutical Companies Deliver Personalized Medicine

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2013) - YarcData, a Cray (NASDAQ: CRAY) company committed to providing a big data solutions for real-time data discovery, today announced a collaborative effort with Selventa, a leading provider of systems diagnostics for personalized medicine. Selventa will have access to YarcData's big data analytics appliance, Urika®, to help pharmaceutical organizations better target drugs, condense the time needed for new drug discoveries and accelerate market delivery.

"With 50 percent of drugs ineffective or worse, there is an immediate opportunity to better match treatments to individuals based on their biomarker profiles. Using this insight, pharmaceutical companies can create a larger number of targeted products that optimally benefit patients," said Dave de Graaf, President and CEO, Selventa.

"Big data and the intellectual properties derived from it have an immense potential to drive personalized medicine. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in knowledge and our requirements for scalable, flexible solutions that can deliver results in a fraction of the time than the traditional databases. In searching for a graph database solution, nothing compared to YarcData's ability to pull all the data into one platform and one memory space to achieve the real-time speed and scalability," Dr. Graaf concluded.

The YarcData Urika platform is a purpose-built, real-time appliance for automated data discovery that provides graph-optimized hardware and a graph database optimized for the underlying hardware enabling applications to interact with the appliance. Although it can be provisioned and managed by IT as any other Linux server, Urika is a highly scalable, real-time accelerated data discovery platform that augments existing systems, bringing data silos together to support ad hoc queries, pattern-based searches, inferencing and deduction. Because graph databases are more flexible than traditional systems, value can be extracted almost immediately, without waiting for months to build the ontology and load all of the data.

"Selventa's solution running on Urika will help pharmaceutical companies do what they have been trying to do on their own -- build databases that enable new drug discoveries and speed time to market," said Dave Anstey, Global Segment Leader for Life Sciences at YarcData. "We are seeing customers dramatically shorten their hypothesis validation cycle."

The combined YarcData and Selventa solution will provide the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to explore data discoveries across disease areas. Traditional databases are usually partitioned by disease area in order to limit the size of the database and make searching more manageable. Because data loaded into Urika does not need to be partitioned, the solution will enable analysis to be performed across larger or combined data sets, making it possible to find previously unknown relationships between genes and proteins, treatments and disease mechanisms, human and animal biology, diseased tissue and blood, as well as identification of biomarkers representative of predictive and prognostic indications.

About Selventa
Selventa is pioneering the development of Systems Diagnostics (SysDx™). This novel approach to diagnostic development harnesses a comprehensive range of complex, biological information (genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, electronic medical records) to generate a clinically relevant dashboard that physicians, patients and researchers can use to make an optimal treatment decision or stratify patient populations.

SysDx tests are enabled by Selventa's "Big Data" analytics engine that integrates, processes, and analyzes the molecular information from thousands of patients to identify biomarkers linked to disease-driving mechanisms. SysDx tests are differentiated by their ability to capture a holistic picture of a patient's disease and drug-response profile. This is in contrast to MDx tests that are limited by their focus on a particular class of biological analytes (e.g. genomics-only tests). This superior predictive and prognostic value is required in the diagnosis of complex multi-factorial diseases such as autoimmune disease and cancer. For more information, visit

About the Urika™ Appliance
Urika is a purpose-built big data appliance for real-time data discovery using graph analytics. The appliance helps automate the surfacing of unknown relationships and non-obvious patterns in diverse data sets without the need for pre-modeling, partitioning or knowing all the questions in advance. Urika includes graph-optimized hardware that provides up to 512 terabytes of global shared memory; massively-multithreaded graph processors supporting 128 threads/processor; highly scalable I/O with data ingest rates of up to 350 terabytes per hour; and an RDF/SPARQL database optimized for the underlying hardware. Data-center ready and standards based, Urika complements an existing data warehouse or Hadoop cluster and is easy to integrate with existing analytical and visualization tools.

About YarcData LLC
YarcData, a Cray company, delivers a big data appliance for real-time data discovery, enabling enterprises to gain game-changing business insights by surfacing unknown relationships and non-obvious patterns. Adopters include the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), the Mayo Clinic, Noblis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, QinetiQ, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Sandia National Laboratories, as well as leading government and intelligence organizations, financial services firms, life sciences companies, and telecommunications providers. YarcData is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and more information is at

About Cray Inc.
Global supercomputing leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) provides innovative systems and solutions enabling scientists and engineers in industry, academia and government to meet existing and future simulation and analytics challenges. Leveraging 40 years of experience in developing and servicing the world's most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of supercomputers and Big Data solutions delivering unrivaled performance, efficiency and scalability. Cray's Adaptive Supercomputing vision is focused on delivering innovative next-generation products that integrate diverse processing technologies into a unified architecture, allowing customers to surpass today's limitations and meeting the market's continued demand for realized performance. Go to for more information.

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