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April 13, 2011 13:26 ET

Yasheng Group Ranks as No. 1 Recipient of Green Food Certifications in Gansu Province, China

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 13, 2011) - Yasheng Group (OTCQB: YHGG) (XETRA: YSF), a high-growth diversified China-based agricultural conglomerate with US headquarters in California, today announced that it is the number one ranked recipient of Green Food certifications in Gansu Province, China, as awarded by the China Green Food Development Center. The company also outlined operational guidelines to gain, adhere to, and increase quality certifications.

Over the last decade, Yasheng has taken advantage of the natural resources provided by the higher-altitude location of most of its agro bases and has become a major cultivator of green foods. Guided in its production by strict adherence to environmentally-friendly principles, Yasheng has emerged as the enterprise with the most Green Food authentications in Gansu Province, China.

"Green Food" logo is an indicator for safety and quality awarded by the "China Green Food Development Center." Product certifications like this are an important symbol of the progress and transformation from traditional to modern agriculture in China. A substantial number of Yasheng products have received Green Food authentication including hops, hops barley, apples, Chinese Pears, apricots, sweet corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and ketchup.

Chairman Zhou Chang Sheng added, "Growing green foods and receiving their certification is just the starting point for us. Throughout our company, we are adopting an entire system of quality control and supervision to ensure consistent and accountable production. Our methods include environmental monitoring, strict adherence to proven procedures, production records, inspection of product quality, and market labeling from farm to table. We believe these steps will help increase the quantity of our authentications, which will ultimately support consumer confidence, drive sales, and build brand loyalty."

Based on Yasheng's model, Gansu Province has established a number of standardized raw materials production bases for the cultivation of green foods, which facilitates the standardization and scale of agricultural production. Thirteen large-scale standardized Green Food production bases have been founded with an area of 270,000 acres and gross production of 1.54 million tons including seven local specialty agricultural products.

Yasheng Group

Yasheng Group (OTCQB: YHGG) (XETRA: YSF), (, founded over 30 years ago, is a US holding company that conducts primarily agricultural operations in the Northwest of China. Today it is one of China's leading producers and marketers with six major product segments including field crops, vegetables, fruit, specialty crops, hops, hemp, seeds, beef and poultry. Yasheng is a supplier of high-quality agricultural products to world-famous conglomerates such as McDonald's, KFC, Tsingtao Beer, and Pepsi. The company is lead by a highly qualified management team and it has total assets of approximately $1.8 billion, over 15,000 employees, and a history of strong sales and earnings growth.

China Green Food Development Center

The China Green Food Development Center operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of China. It is a specialized agency responsible for national development and management of Green Food. It is the organization that grants Green Food certification.

Green Food

The concept of "Green Food" is similar to that of organic food and whole food in the US. Green Food stands for edible products and processed products developed under the fundamental concept and objective to enhance food quality and safety, to promote consumer health, and to protect the agricultural bio-environment through sustainable development. Qualifying products are identified by a special logo. For more information, please visit:

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