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September 20, 2010 08:00 ET

Yasheng Group's Development of Modern Dry Farming Agriculture Technologies Drives Growth

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) -  Yasheng Group (OTCQB: YHGG), a leading agriculture conglomerate which focuses on Chinese and international markets, utilizes modern dry land cultivation technologies to drive growth. The company continues to implement their 5 and 10 year plan of transforming their land resources into industrial cultivation within their current agriculture bases as well as acquiring new land and investing in infrastructure and modern techniques. Dry land farming pertains to high-yield and high-efficient agricultural production within draught areas through the adoption of different dry land farming technologies.

Yasheng Group has focused on three key areas of dry farming development: draught film and drip irrigation, ridge with plastic film mulching-furrow irrigation, and ridge tillage and furrow irrigation. These techniques meet the highest standards set by the GanSu Agriculture Water Saving, Soil, and Fertilizer Bureau. Using cultivation practices like moisture retention mulched furrow, machine furrow drilling, and large furrow help to increase active soil layer, improve moisture retention capacity and soil fertility, reduce soil evaporation, and improve eco-systems.

The technique, "Draught Resistant Film Membrane on a Double-Ridge Furrow Sowing Cultivation," has become a revolution of dry land farming along the Gobi Desert and around the world. This year Yasheng Group applied these techniques on one hundred thousand mu of corn and potato, yielding on an average 30% more in volume. Innovation and application in science and technology is the key factor in agriculture development for a company to compete. This modern technology has made Yasheng Group among the top ranking national dry land cultivation enterprises and drives growth. Yasheng has access to large areas of land resources and has its roots set in converting the Gobi Desert into cultivation bases.

The Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, of the PRC Academy of Sciences in Lanzhou, Gansu did a field test and report with the results indicated that the ridge furrow techniques had a significant effect on crop yield, increasing in some instances by 27.9% seed weight per head.

Yasheng Group's Chairman Zhou Cheng Sheng states, "Yasheng Group will continue to implement modern agriculture techniques company-wide to increase yields through efficient cultivation practices. Our goal is to increase our margins by utilizing our natural resources to their fullest potential while maintaining sustainability. These techniques save water, manpower, fuel, fertilizers, curbs pest and diseases, as well as making harvesting more economically feasible."

About Yasheng Group:

Yasheng Group (OTCQB: YHGG) is a diversified agriculture conglomerate incorporated in California. Yasheng's core business focuses on hi-tech agriculture which takes advantage of Yasheng's use of extensive fertile lands in China, advanced irrigation facilities, extensive green housing, strong R&D, agro, and biotechnology capabilities, as well as its skilled workforce in China. The company conducts business selling 6 major product segments including field crops, vegetables, fruit, specialty crops, hops, hemp, seeds, beef and poultry. Yasheng has total assets of approximately $1.7 billion USD and over 15,000 employees. Yasheng Group has 155,097,355 shares issued and outstanding as of June 30, 2010.

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