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March 20, 2015 10:05 ET

Year-to-Date Euro Currency Drop Has Led to YTD Performance Pop for Euro-Based FTSE Developed Index

As Euro Hits Twelve Year Low Relative to the U.S. Dollar, Hedged Indices Illustrate Importance of Currency to Global Investors

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Mar 20, 2015) - With the euro recently hitting a twelve year low relative to the U.S. dollar,* global investors are more aware than ever of the impact a rising U.S. dollar can have on global indices. And, while the declining euro reflects the cloud over the Eurozone markets and economy in 2015, Eurozone investors investing in global markets may see a silver lining.

The FTSE Developed Index (euro-based, unhedged) has returned 17% year-to-date as of 16 March relative to a 5.1% return for the same euro-based index hedged to the euro for the same time period.

Gareth Parker
Director, Index Research Design & Development, Russell Indices
"The strengthening U.S. dollar has increased awareness of the currency impact on index performance, an impact often reduced via currency hedging. Year-to-date hedged and un-hedged performance for the FTSE Developed Index shows the potential benefit of currency exposure and also the potential short-term drawback of utilizing currency hedging to try to avoid currency risk. But as no one can predict with certainty the future moves of global currency rates, market participants should consider the right approach for their own circumstances."

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*The euro reached $1.0513 versus the U.S. dollar in late European trading on Wednesday, March 11, a level last seen in January 2003.

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