July 29, 2011 14:47 ET

Yeast Culture Manufacturer Vi-COR® De-Mystifies Century-Old Concept

MASON CITY, IA--(Marketwire - Jul 29, 2011) - By the late 1880s it was generally accepted that yeast culture added to feed would improve livestock health. In 1925, scientists C.H. Eckles and V. M. Williams reported in the "Journal of Dairy Science" that yeast culture increases milk production in lactating cows. This discovery prompted the addition of yeast to dairy feed. For decades, the importance of yeast to livestock health and performance was accepted but not understood.

Vi-COR® tackled this century-old acceptance of yeast culture and through research and development, was the first to unravel the mystery of why and how yeast culture works. That understanding led to the development of innovative yeast-based ingredient products for poultry, swine, beef and dairy feed.

While most producers acknowledge the benefits of yeast culture, a March 2011 survey sponsored by "Dairy Herd Management" magazine indicates that some remain unconvinced there are differences between yeast products. "All yeast products are not created equal," says Mark Holt, Vi-COR's President and CEO. "Vi-COR'S Celmanax® is a testament to that fact." Celmanax delivers a consistent level of metabolites for reliable livestock performance and is available in Dry, Liquid and SCP. It combines yeast, MOS and beta glucans into a single, convenient formulation that provides multiple benefits for livestock.

Celmanax SCP, the industry's first-ever combination yeast soluble concentrated powder product, is 9x more concentrated than Celmanax Dry. It is more economical to ship and mixes easily in dairy milk replacers, poultry watering systems and VTMs.

"Vi-COR products are an all-natural alternative to antibiotics," says Holt. Although antibiotics are documented to benefit animal growth, performance and health, recent years have seen a growing concern about their overuse in livestock feed. On January 1, 2006 a ban went into effect that was issued by the European Union to stop the use of antibiotics as growth promoters (non-medicinal use) in livestock feed and the U.S. has placed restrictions on antibiotic use.

In addition to research and innovative products, Vi-COR also emphasizes education. Milk to the Max® is the company's free bilingual education program for customers. The program has been especially beneficial to dairy producers with somatic cell count issues.

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