Vi-COR, yeast culture

January 27, 2011 15:28 ET

Yeast Culture Manufacturer Vi-COR® Expands With 70,000-Square-Foot Plant

MASON CITY, IA--(Marketwire - January 27, 2011) - Vi-COR®, a manufacturer of specialized yeast culture products for poultry, swine and dairy feed, is in the final stages of opening a 70,000-square-foot manufacturing plant dedicated to producing its newest product, Celmanax® SCP. "It's the industry's first-ever soluble concentrated product," says Mark Holt, Vi-COR's president. "This gives the end-user a product with no GMO issues. Development of an innovative product with no carrier went hand-in-hand with development of a new process for delivering the product," says Holt. 

Celmanax SCP offers a variety of benefits. It is 9x more concentrated for dairy cows than Celmanax Dry. It is more economical to ship, requires less storage space and mixes easily in dairy milk replacers, poultry watering systems and VTMs. Celmanax is also offered in dry and liquid concentrations.

Vi-COR's new facility is located in Mason City, Iowa, three miles from its headquarters and original manufacturing plant, which will continue to run production on three shifts. Holt says the new plant and its production of Celmanax SCP will create opportunities with innovative applications and untapped markets for yeast based products. The new plant is designed to accommodate tours and includes windows so visitors can have a convenient view of the manufacturing process as they walk through. Headquarters offices will move to the new facility in the future.

Holt says that offering a concentrated version of Celmanax further enhances an already beneficial product. Celmanax, made from all-natural yeast components and enzymes, guarantees a specific level of metabolites, which provides consistent livestock performance. The three-in-one product improves palatability and feed intake and eliminates the need to buy, store and mix several feed ingredients. 

Since entering the yeast industry in 1990, Vi-COR has focused on research and development of innovative products. Visitors to the company's web site,, can learn about research trials involving dairy, poultry, beef and swine. In addition to research and innovative products, Vi-COR also emphasizes education. Milk To The Max is the company's free bilingual education program for customers. The program has been especially beneficial to dairy producers with somatic cell count issues.

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