December 23, 2013 08:30 ET

Yeast Market Worth $5 Billion by 2016 Forecasted in MarketsandMarkets Recent Report

DALLAS, TEXAS--(Marketwired - Dec. 23, 2013) - The report "Global Yeast Market by Types, Applications, & Geography - Trends & Forecasts" by MarketsandMarkets, defines and segments the global Yeast Market with analysis and forecasting of the global revenue for yeast and yeast derived products.

Browse more than 100 market data tables/figures spread across more than 250 pages and in-depth TOC on "Global Yeast Market - Trends & Forecasts".

Yeast is one of the most versatile microorganisms that have been used for centuries in the manufacture of foods and beverages. Yeast helps to keep humans and animals healthy through a number of different mechanisms because it's rich in protein and acts as a probiotic. The production of yeast is closely related to beer brewing and bread baking. The yeast industry, so far, has not experienced negative growth rates. The future of yeast industry is positive for any kind of yeast and yeast-derived product.

The report provides the information regarding the most up-to-date information on quantities of different types of yeast manufactured, market values, as well as on industry structures. It provides a particular insight into the world of yeasts as intermediates and as end products. This report is helpful to support decision-makers in the industry by providing background information to be considered and to be used in deciding the growth strategy.

The Yeast Market research report also describes major types such as baker's yeast, brewer's yeast, wine making yeasts, feed yeasts, bio-ethanol yeasts, and other several specialty yeast derived products. The report is also segmented based on the geography such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. Market forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2011 through 2016. Information contained in the report includes market sizes, revenue forecasts, market and product trends, price trends and regulations. Competitive information includes key developments, strategy deployed to win, M&As, and JVs of key manufacturers. The report profiles leading companies such as Lallemand (Canada), Lesaffre (France), and ABF Group (U.K.), etc.

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