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NCP engineering GmbH

September 15, 2009 09:00 ET

YES Prep Public Schools Select NCP engineering for VPN Client Software

School System Upgrades to Faster PCs Without Compromising Network Security

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2009) - NCP engineering GmbH today announced that its 64-bit Windows VPN client has enabled Houston, Texas-based YES Prep Public Schools to adopt faster PCs for teachers and staff. The free, open-enrolment school system chose to adopt the NCP Secure Entry Client because it was the only enterprise-quality, 64-bit VPN client that supported YES Prep's network security policies.

YES Prep Public Schools wanted to maintain a constant level of communication for teachers, classroom aids and support staff, while providing the flexibility to use a variety of devices and operating systems, such as Windows 7, and ensuring compatibility with existing IT equipment. Employees also needed to securely access the school system's Intranet, with lesson plans, student files and other internal documents -- anytime and from any of the seven campuses.

Key Facts:

-- YES Prep Public Schools now have a single software solution that integrates data encryption, a dynamic personal firewall, Friendly Net Detection, and one-time password token and certificate support through a public key infrastructure (PKI).

-- The dynamic firewall allows the school system to set policies for ports, IP addresses and segments, as well as applications. Configuration and policy logic are easily set, and managed centrally or through the NCP Secure Entry Client itself.

-- The Friendly Net Detection, created by NCP engineering, forces the network to identify itself to the device, preventing any data packet transfer until a safe network has been detected.

Supporting Quotes:

-- "NCP provided a much needed way for users running 64-bit Windows to gain access to the network when they are off site," said Andy Beauchamp, procurement manager, YES Prep Public Schools. "This has been especially useful for our IT team as they evaluate Windows 7 and prepare to deploy it across the network. Anytime, anywhere access is crucial for our teachers and staff as they strive to provide the highest quality education to our students."

-- "YES Prep Public Schools are experiencing accelerated growth in its student enrollment," said Simon Ford, international sales director, NCP engineering. "As the student body and number of staff grow, so does the school system's need for flexible, universal communications technologies. NCP is pleased to provide YES Prep with the VPN software needed to foster the best educational environment."


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About YES Prep Public Schools

YES Prep Public Schools is a public, open-enrolment charter school system serving low-income students across seven schools in the Houston area. YES Prep Public Schools exists to increase the number of low-income Houstonians who graduate from a four-year college prepared to compete in the global marketplace and committed to improving disadvantaged communities. YES has been ranked as the best public school in Houston and among the top 100 schools in the nation by Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report. For the ninth consecutive year, 100 percent of YES Prep's graduating seniors have been accepted into four-year colleges and universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Rice University and Stanford. YES, which stands for "Youth Engaged in Service," serves 3,500 6th-12th grade students and promotes student achievement, parental involvement and community service. For more information on YES Prep Public Schools, please visit

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