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August 26, 2015 15:52 ET

Yesterday a Brand, Tomorrow a Brand Publisher

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 26, 2015) - Why should my brand become a publisher? How does my brand become a publisher? What are the benefits? What kind of content? Why?

The questions and queries are endless. Brand publishing is an ambiguous, rapidly changing 21st century phenomenon that has its pessimists and optimists. But our take on it is simple. With a little help and inspiration from us, your brand can and will become one of tomorrow's leading publishers. The current infotech space is awash with devices, apps, websites and multi-dimensional platforms from games to eReaders that promise greater reach. And as we all know, reach drives growth. In order to kick off that time-tested formula for success your brand will bypass the trappings of traditional media by doing what good publishers do best: publish high quality, captivating content. Our mission is to take you there.

Mobilize - Our first step to success to is to find and harness your tone and audience. For that, you're going to need the right writers, creators and designers to determine the who, what, when whys of publishing branded content. Every company has a story and we want nothing more than to help you tell yours.

Create - Publishing branded content is no walk in the park. It takes time, effort and intuition. What can I do to interest my customers? Am I being creative enough? Is my content fresh and relevant? The answers will come with time and experience, but one thing remains key. Create. Create. Create. Your customers won't wait on the sidelines so neither should you.

Design - What you say and how it looks, feels and leaps off the screen takes a team of designers ready to dream big. A good book needs an even better cover. Hiring the right people is tough but we know eye-catching content when we see it and where to look for it.

Distribute - Facebook. Tumblr. Instagram. WordPress. LinkedIn. SlideShare. Aspiring brand publishers are asking themselves the same thing: Where do I start? Distributing your content is as important as creating it. Delivery systems and platforms are often audience-specific and you'll have to learn to maneuver them smoothly. We can help with that, why? Because our success has been largely founded on our ambition to use online social media-based platforms professionally.

Reach - Analyzing the content you put out will bring you closer to your customers. Through branded app solutions and website analytics, search engine optimization and more, we'll give you the tools to understand your customers as all good branded content publishers should.

Your customers will change, and so will you. You'll have to stay on top of customer trends, but we'll get you there. Competition and faded consumer interest will have you more inclined to search high and low for publishable content. Whatever the struggle, it's worth it. Branded content is the gateway to a customer persona you want and need to understand in order to grow your business. RosettaBrand's mission is to guide you on that long and winding trail through the exciting but challenging world of branded content publishing. Our experience and expertise separates us from our competition. We believe in nothing less than our ability to get you where you're going and in helping you and your customer base redefine your engaged, loyal content-inspired relationship.

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