November 19, 2010 15:50 ET

Yeti Spotted in Washington State in Clint Romag's "The Yeti Incident"

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 19, 2010) -   Clint Romag, author of the Bigfoot Horror series "The Sasquatch Encounters," has released the next chapter "The Yeti Incident." There are Yeti in Washington State hidden away on the peaks of Mount Olympus. Quiet, intelligent and deadly, they have lived through the centuries in solitude, until now. Directed by a force they do not understand, the Yeti leave their mountaintops to exact vengeance on mankind.

Chad Gamin and Andrew Bridgeston come out of retirement one final time to investigate, not really believing they will find anything. Caught between violent men and the Yeti, there is no guarantee that both of them will make it off the mountain, and if they do, have they truly escaped or is this just the beginning?

Also included is the short story "The Lava Canyon Bigfoot." On a dare, two teenage boys trespass on a farm near Cougar, Washington that is rumored to be haunted. What they find in an old barn is not a ghost, but something that may cost them their lives.

"The Yeti are peaceful creatures and just want to be left alone and remain hidden in their mountain peaks, until something forces them to act," Clint Romag said. "More intelligent and powerful than the Sasquatch, the Yeti will be a dangerous adversary to the people who unfortunately happen to be camping nearby. It's a fast paced, intense story, so beware."

Jahrome Youngker, who has done the illustrations for every book in the Sasquatch Encounters, created two maps and several drawings for "The Yeti Incident."

"Jahrome did another fantastic job with the artwork," Romag said. "He added to the atmosphere of the book, raising the terror level, so you may want to keep all the lights on and the doors locked while reading it."

About the Author

Clint Romag grew up in Longview, WA, where stories of Bigfoot roaming the forests outside his small town influenced the direction of his writing. He graduated from Western Washington University, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Romag has written several novels including "Revenge of the Werewolves" and "Fury of the Sasquatch."

Note to Editors: The Author is available for interviews. Review copies of "The Yeti Incident" are available upon request. "The Yeti Incident" is available at and at Barnes & Noble for $12.95.

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