SOURCE: YieldBuild


September 01, 2009 08:00 ET

YieldBuild Publishers See Improved Revenue With Premium Text Ads Alongside AdSense

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 1, 2009) - For online publishers that rely on advertising revenue as a significant source of their sites' earnings, identifying the best-performing ad networks is no easy task. Network selection and evaluation has typically been a matter of trial and error and arduous testing, but is worth the effort if it results in significantly improved revenue. Automating this testing and format optimization of each ad spot on a site is precisely the benefit that YieldBuild provides its customers. However, the breadth of ad network choices has been limited to those networks with the scale and technology to deliver high-performance, relevant ads for a wide range of content types.

For these reasons, YieldBuild was excited to launch its Premium Text Ad Program to offer Web publishers an ad source that consistently delivers outstanding contextual relevance and high publisher value. Across sites dedicated to topics as varied as automobiles, wine and product reviews, both large and small, publishers have seen impressive improvements to their overall online ad revenue without compromising user experience nor fully cannibalizing their revenue from their other ad networks like AdSense.

Most publishers using the Premium Text Ad Program see an immediate improvement to their revenue by simply adding an additional ad spot to their page, giving YieldBuild the opportunity to serve up an additional Premium Text Ad unit alongside AdSense. Three publishers, PrimaryGames, RateMyTeachers and HubPages, have all added the YieldBuild Premium Text Ad Program to their ad network mix, and all have seen strong revenue enhancement through the addition of a superior ad source as an adjunct to other ad networks they work with.

PrimaryGames, an educational gaming site popular with elementary-school children, came to YieldBuild with plenty of ad experience under their belt. Having tried a wide range of ad formats and networks, they knew what worked for their site's traffic and what didn't, but were open to working with YieldBuild to optimize their current ads and to try out the YieldBuild Premium Text Ad Program.

"It's clear to us that no single ad network can fill all of our ad real estate, so we turned to YieldBuild to most effectively manage our inventory and identify those networks that perform best for each open ad spot," says Susan Beasley, creator of "I've been pleased with the YieldBuild Premium Text Ad Program's ability to deliver high-performance text and image ads which appeal to our younger viewer base. And, importantly, the ads are high quality, important since parents and teachers are frequent users of the site, as well."

The Premium Text Ad Program now comprises slightly more than half of the text ad revenue PrimaryGames is generating through YieldBuild.

RateMyTeachers is the premier online destination for students and parents to connect and share reviews and ratings of middle and high school teachers. Online since 2000, boasts over 11 million ratings of over 1 million teachers. The content-rich site is a perfect match for contextual ad networks like Google AdSense, and Aaron Altscher, Managing Director, was looking for an additional high-quality contextual ad source to complement them.

"YieldBuild's Premium Text Ad Program has been a terrific complement to other text ad networks we're running through YieldBuild on RateMyTeachers," says Altscher. "The Program has allowed us to serve more highly-relevant ads alongside our content and boost our revenue significantly."

With a fill rate higher than that of any other network they are optimizing through YieldBuild, the Premium Text Ad Program now comprises almost a fifth of the revenue generated for the site.


HubPages is a wildly popular social content network that allows anyone to create rich-media articles on a topic they know and love, and earn ongoing royalties through ads served up on what they've published. The site attracts more than 16 million unique monthly visitors, primarily from search engines, and enjoys almost 70 million monthly page views. 85,000 authors have published more than 430,000 articles since the site's launch in August 2006.

HubPages's content richness and heavy traffic from search engines has made text-based contextual advertising the ideal monetization vehicle for the site. "In a short time the YieldBuild Premium Text Ad Program has grown to comprise almost a third of our site's total revenue. YieldBuild's ability to automatically allocate the best paying ads for each ad spot has been critical to the implementation," says Paul Deeds, HubPages's general manager. "The Premium Text Ad Program serves up highly-relevant text and display ads that complement other ad networks' ads across our wide range of topical content. We're also impressed with the Program's fill rate and revenue per click (CPC), even better than AdSense's. The YieldBuild Premium Text Ad Program's ability to deliver great contextual ads beyond the three ad-units of running AdSense alone has really helped us increase our revenue per page."

Optimizing Premium Text Ads alongside AdSense has allowed HubPages to continue impressive month-over-month revenue gains despite a general softening of the online advertising market. YieldBuild has placed Premium Text Ads alongside the other ads on HubPages, increasing revenue 44% over the revenue generated by all other networks HubPages works with combined.

Particularly as an adjunct to other networks like AdSense, with which publishers have trusted relationships, YieldBuild's Premium Text Ad Program delivers a reliable additional revenue stream and highly relevant ads that complement page content. The Premium Text Ad Program draws from a variety of high-quality text ad sources.

Based in San Francisco, YieldBuild is an online advertising optimization company offering automated technology solutions for Web publishers to generate greater yield on their existing ads. Based upon the Four Pillars of Ad Optimization -- ad size, ad layout, ad network and ad formatting -- YieldBuild's advanced machine-learning algorithms provide users with a comprehensive, hands-off approach to managing and optimizing their advertising revenue. Working with the most popular Internet contextual and display ad networks including Google AdSense, Microsoft pubCenter and, YieldBuild predicts and serves the most profitable ads and automatically tests and retests color combinations, placement and format to continually ensure optimal revenue generation. YieldBuild also assumes the decision making for ad network management, determining which ad network will perform best in each ad spot. Publishers can monitor their ad performance through YieldBuild's consolidated reporting interface. For more information please visit and read more about ad optimization at