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October 20, 2014 06:00 ET

Yik Yak Announces Peek Anywhere to Give Users Inside Look at What's Happening Across the World

Unfiltered Glimpse Into Specific Locations Opens Up New Doors for Reporting and News Monitoring

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2014) - Yik Yak, the social messaging app for hyper-local engagement, just launched a new feature that further cements its place as the go-to social platform for authentic, localized conversations. Now, users can "Peek" into any location across the globe simply by dropping a pin on a map and immediately viewing that location's real-time Yik Yak feed.

Yik Yak sees immense value in the ability to monitor and view conversations in specific locations. Whether it's during breaking news such as the recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, or a sporting event such as the Super Bowl, Peek Anywhere gives users access to the true pulse of any area with what's happening in real-time.

"Until now, the only way to monitor local events or breaking news is by following reporters or trusting that people using a hashtag are actually in the area," said Tyler Droll, CEO and cofounder of Yik Yak. "While that gives a nice snapshot of what's happening, it often doesn't deliver the complete picture or real-time activity that today's information-hungry citizens demand. Our Peek Anywhere feature gives users the power to track hot topics and breaking news from any location, anytime."

Once a user clicks on the Peek tab within Yik Yak, they will be able to select the Search icon and type in a location or drag the pin along a map to immediately read activity in that region. The app also allows users to save locations to appear in a user's My Peeks section.

"News coverage today has evolved in large part because consumers want the full story and often seek out the direct source to learn more," said Brooks Buffington, COO and cofounder of Yik Yak. "More access means more information and Yik Yak's new feature is the first tool that gives individuals the ability to monitor conversations in real-time, adding another layer to news tracking that supplements on-the-ground reporting and overcomes other social networks' limitations."

Founded in late 2013 by entrepreneurs Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll, Yik Yak is aimed at connecting individuals within a 1.5-mile geographical radius and providing an unfiltered, authentic pulse of any community.

Yik Yak is currently available for download on iOS and Android devices.

About Yik Yak
Yik Yak, Inc. is the first app that enables hyper-local communication on iOS and Android devices while retaining users' privacy. Meet friends, start a cause, share jokes, or deliver news to anyone within a common area. The fast-growing app is popular among college campuses and in areas where events worth sharing are occurring. The app enables any mobile user to deliver relevant, timely content to hyper-local areas of people, whether it is a funny sighting or emergency news.

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