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Yorbeau Resources Inc.

December 14, 2010 08:00 ET

Yorbeau Reports Excellent Results From Compilation and Re-Interpretation of Recent and Historical Drill Data

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 14, 2010) - Yorbeau Resources Inc. ("Yorbeau"')(TSX:YRB.A) is pleased to provide an update on the results being obtained from compilation and re-interpretation of historical drill data. 

Drilling over the last two years has resulted in two discoveries on the Rouyn property at Lake Gamble and Cinderella, which are located between the Augmitto and Astoria deposits. This work has also led to the development of an exploration methodology allowing for the identification of sectors with the potential for higher grades of gold mineralization. Application of this methodology to the historical data at Augmitto and Astoria has produced some startling results which indicate that the Augmitto and Astoria deposits have considerably more potential than was previously apparent.

Structural model at Augmitto Mine confirmed with initial assays of historical core

Core re-logging is proceeding well and cross sections, with harmonized structural interpretation, spaced approximately 400 metres apart have been completed between 4800E (Augmitto shaft) and 8000E (Lac Gamble). Target mineralized horizons have been identified and with additional sections that are in progress potential ore shoots within these horizons are being investigated. Several strongly-supported drill targets have been identified from the results to date and a priority list of drill holes complete with the number of metres of drilling required is being compiled. Several items of interest stand out:

  1. New structural model clarifies mineralized horizons. The Augmitto deposit is not as complex and discontinuous as previously believed because much of the apparent complexity was the result of inconsistencies in the historical data base. Drill core from the deposit was logged by many different geologists over several years, and numerous inconsistencies and misinterpretations have been found in the data as a result of applying the improved structural knowledge of the property obtained from the recent drilling programs. Section 5200E illustrates the extensive simplification of the geology and structure of the deposit (see before and after section 5200E at the following address: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/Beforeafter.pdf) resulting from the on-going re-compilation work.

  2. Historical drilling did not test all mineralized horizons. An important conclusion from the re-compilation work is that the apparent gaps in continuity in the gold deposit at Augmitto may not be real but may simply reflect the fact that many of the drill holes did not entirely test the primary target at Augmitto, which is the lower portion of the Piché Group. Re-logging demonstrates that 45% of the historical holes failed to penetrate the complete Piché sequence. As well, the footwall zone, which is now recognized as an important gold zone located structurally below the Piché Group, was similarly not reached by many of the holes. The Augmitto deposit may be more consistently mineralized than has been apparent until now.

  1. Sampling of unassayed core yields mineralization where structurally expected. In addition, the re-logging has shown that 75% of the historical drill holes have portions that are to be sampled or re-sampled because mineralized zones were not recognized. For example, in drill hole 86-S-340, re-logging noted an interval of 0.7 m in the Piché gold zone that contained quartz veinlets and abundant brown tourmaline that assayed 0.3 g/t gold in the original assay. The presence of tourmaline is an important factor as identified by the Company's recent development of exploration parameters for gold zones on the property. Because of the abundance of tourmaline, the core from this interval was quarter-cored and re-assayed. The re-assay returned 50.4 g/t gold. In the same drill hole, an interval of 1.5 m from the footwall gold zone hosted by meta-sediments was recognized during the re-logging as containing very fine grained arsenopyrite. The interval had not been sampled during the original core logging in 1986. The interval was split and assayed, and returned 6.06 g/t Au. These examples illustrate the importance of the re-logging as well as the significant results being obtained from this work.
  1. Defintion of Augmitto ore shoots now progressing. Information extracted from the data compilation and re-interpretation reinforces the concept that a potentially-major gold shoot of the Augmitto mine extends from the surface at Trench 4 in a westerly plunge beneath the Augmitto shaft. The down-plunge extent of the shoot has not been drilled below 400 m depth and is therefore a significant target that will be drilled during the next phase of drilling on the property.

These results are very encouraging and demonstrate that the Augmitto mine is open to depth and laterally, both to the east and west. Additional drilling is planned to bring the drill spacing at all four targets on the Rouyn property (Augmitto mine, Cinderella, Lake Gamble and Astoria mine) to the spacing needed for 43-101 resource calculations.

The qualified person under National Instrument 43-101 is Laurent Hallé, P.Geo., who has reviewed and approved the content of this release.

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