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November 08, 2005 15:00 ET

YottaYotta Introduces the GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Node; A New Enterprise Standard for High Performance, Resilient Global Data Sharing

EDMONTON, Alberta--(CCNMatthews - Nov 8, 2005) -

YottaYotta, the High Performance NetStorage® Company, announced today the availability of the GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Node, the first storage network device to make resilient, high-performance global data sharing a reality for the enterprise.

With the YottaYotta GSX 3000, enterprises now have greater flexibility in the placement and utilization of vital business information and their related storage assets, all without regard to distance limitations. Without impacting existing server and storage assets, the transparent addition of the YottaYotta GSX 3000 to existing storage networks can dramatically improve performance and resilience while reducing operating expenses - all without across-the-board network upgrades. The YottaYotta GSX 3000 also opens up new approaches to managing and implementing critical storage applications such as transparent multi-site data sharing, fully-active site-aware geographic RAID, continuous-access data migration and consolidation, data grid and high-speed data transport.

"YottaYotta is introducing a new standard for resilient, high-performance global data sharing," said Bart Shigemura, president and chief executive officer of YottaYotta. "We are breaking down the data center walls that limit current storage networking capabilities and are providing new, highly effective methods for persistent read and write access between previously isolated islands of storage anywhere in the world. Because of the improved storage networking flexibility and performance made possible with the GSX 3000, companies can now significantly reduce their IT expenditures while simultaneously making storage operations more robust.

"The coherent peer-to-peer architecture of the GSX 3000 can significantly boost storage resiliency. For example, recovery time and recovery point objectives of zero can be achieved after a storage system failure with applications and users never realizing a failure even occurred," Shigemura added. "Without forklift upgrades, the GSX 3000 makes transparent fail-over and fail-back possible without the disruptive and time consuming need to re-mount file systems and restart applications. The GSX 3000 does this with the added ROI benefit of turning idle, standby recovery site resources into active load-balancing assets that not only protect data but also improve performance. IT managers can now rest assured that restoration capabilities will work because they are used operationally everyday and not just once or twice a year during testing."


Extending the reach of high performance storage networks demands a new approach. YottaYotta's introduction of Global Block Services with the GSX 3000 enables a new paradigm for robust global data sharing. This rich set of foundational services includes intelligently localizing shared access to data across distance, optimizing wide area network (WAN) resources, and transparently providing resilient, persistent data access despite storage, site, or network failures. Together these can have a far reaching, positive impact on the performance and resilience of high performance storage applications and equipment already in place while at the same time opening up new possibilities and approaches that better serve the critical business needs for storage users located across a city or around the world.

The highly compact, one rack-unit GSX 3000, with its dense and diverse mix of Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, and Gigabit Ethernet ports, gives IT managers the added flexibility of interconnecting distant GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Nodes via multiple protocols including InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and SONET. Contributing to storage performance and resiliency is a globally coherent and redundant cache pool. Each GSX 3000 node supports up to 32 GB of cache and nodes can be aggregated within the data center or across multiple sites to further improve performance.

For high-performance, resilient global data sharing, the GSX 3000 and YottaYotta's Global Block Services serve as the key to increased utilization of IT resources, local SAN performance over the WAN and fully-active continuity of operations (COOP).

(Editors and reporters: Please see YottaYotta's second press release today regarding a customer announcement.)

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YottaYotta is setting the new enterprise standard for resilient, high-performance global data sharing and fully-active continuity of operations (COOP). The GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Node and YottaYotta's suite of Global Block services localize access to globally coherent data, enabling organizations to leverage their entire storage infrastructure across multiple distributed sites while providing a significant reduction in WAN traffic. The result is increased utilization of IT resources, SAN performance over the WAN, and continuity of operations despite site failures and network disruptions. Founded in January 2000, YottaYotta is privately funded with offices in Edmonton, AB and Alexandria, VA. For more information go to www.YottaYotta.com.

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