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April 28, 2005 00:00 ET

"You Are Not in China, You Are Not in Business!™" Tell-It-as-It-Is Site Launched as a Window Into China for Non-Chinese Executives

SINGAPORE -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 28, 2005 -- Launched today -- -- a comprehensive news and knowledge site with an eye-popping strap line "If You Are Not In China, You Are Not In Business™." Unlike many other websites that claim to give the insider view of doing business in China, this site delivers on its promise. Written by experienced business executives it contains China business news, in-depth interviews and high-quality strategy papers selected and written for relevance to non-Chinese executives who are considering their "China Entry Strategy." A comprehensive and impressive site -- China Observer brings together quality content with convenience of delivery. Journalists can log on to site using user name: -- passsword "press."

Targeted at busy Board Members and Senior Managers in America, Europe, and Asia, who need to know about China but have no time to search thousands of English and Chinese language web sites and journals to understand what is happening, China Observer tells them what will impact their business. Content is relevant to a wide range of decision makers; it also has a slant towards Information Technology, and Application and Business Process Outsourcing.

CHINA OBSERVER's strategy section brings insight and perspective from notables such as Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew -- visionary and founder of modern-day Singapore, and Dr Timothy Chou, former President, Oracle On Demand. The interview section reveals the thoughts and ideas of respected senior Chinese Executives on their business and country, dispensing pragmatic and valuable advice for companies looking to enter China.

CHINA OBSERVER is one of the first-ever sites to use "internet broadcasts" ("podcasts") for intellectual content -- download five minute edited "Executive Sound-bites" or listen to full 15-minute interviews on your PC or Mp3 player.

The news section is an easy-to-read synopsis of current stories (from Chinese media); "Events," "China 101," and "Books You Should Read" laser target executives with information about China.

Bill Lewis, Editor of China Observer says, "I believe fervently that "if you are not in China you are not in Business™." Executives who arrive next year to look at China may find themselves paying catch up. The big problem is that there is a vast mountain of data on China flooding the Internet and traditional media. Executives have no time to sift through this deluge of information, much less analyze it. China Observer brings relevant information quickly onto Executives desk tops -- informing, educating, prompting action."

CHINA OBSERVER -- an online comprehensive intelligence and knowledge site containing China business news, in depth interviews, high-quality strategy papers and information targeted at busy Executives in America, Europe, and Asia, who must know about China. "If you are not in China, you are not in Business" is becoming a business truism, China knowledge is Essential. No China Strategy -- play catch up!

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