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March 19, 2007 08:30 ET

You Have One New Message; GotVoice Debuts Industry's Most Advanced Voice Messaging Service

Finally Consumers Can Manage Voicemail Just Like Email -- for Free

KIRKLAND, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 19, 2007 -- GotVoice, Inc., the voice messaging company, today announced the launch of its free voice messaging service, enabling consumers to manage their mobile, home and work voice messages from a single location online. GotVoice provides consumers the ability to see who has left a voicemail and listen to those messages in any order. Combining the ease of email with voice messaging, GotVoice is the only voice messaging service allowing consumers to visually take control of their voicemail without requiring a new number, a forwarded call, or text messaging services. In fact, the service doesn't require consumers to make any changes whatsoever to their normal phone use. To provide the highest level of flexibility, GotVoice also leaves messages on the original voicemail system, so consumers can check their voicemail as they always have, if they choose.

GotVoice works effortlessly with all major cell phone carriers, residential lines including those offered by cable and VoIP providers, and corporate voicemail systems -- with no carrier or work-place involvement. Whether users opt to receive voicemail via email or at their personal GotVoice Web page, GotVoice enables them to easily send, receive, create and store all of their voice messages -- in the same way they use email. There is no software to install and consumers don't even need a phone to access messages.

"Voicemail should be as simple to use as email, extending beyond the restrictive options currently available in today's market," said GotVoice CEO, Curt Blake. "Consumers can now interact with voicemail in any manner they choose; sending, receiving, creating and storing messages on their terms. We believe our service sets the standard for voice messaging offerings, and clearly moves the industry in a direction where voice will be free from the historic restraints that have kept it locked between a pound and star key."

Over the past 30 years email has gone from a tool used solely by academics and businesses, to the de facto means of communication worldwide. While email has enjoyed several fun enhancements that personalize messages, voicemail has not seen such options -- until now. GotVoice allows consumers to create personalized greetings and outgoing messages, combining voice with music. It's not all fun and games though: using GotVoice, business travelers and globetrotters can save thousands of dollars each year on international roaming charges by sending and receiving voicemail via email or online at

GotVoice makes voice messaging effortless through a combination of options ranging from silent deliveries and unlimited archiving to access from anywhere in the world. With GotVoice, users can send a voice message to any phone on all major phone networks without the recipient's phone ringing. Consumers can easily forward or broadcast messages to multiple people all at once, just as they do with email.

GotVoice Highlights:

Access Voicemail Anytime, Anywhere

Gone are the days of calling multiple phone numbers to retrieve messages. GotVoice checks multiple voicemail boxes, such as home, mobile and work boxes, up to 24 times a day, then delivers messages to a user's email or makes them accessible at the user's personal GotVoice Web page. Consumers can also create and send messages using their PC or phone. The GotVoice service is especially useful when cell phone coverage is poor and users are unable to access messages due to signal loss.

Save your Minutes -- Send, Receive and Create Voice Messages without a Phone

Cell phone battery dead? Hate to use more cell phone minutes to check messages? GotVoice allows users to send, receive, and create voice messages without the need for a phone. Users can create messages with their voice or use a quick text-to-speech feature.

Organize, Save, Forward

With a simple user interface, GotVoice makes it easy to organize, save and forward important messages, just as with email. With GotVoice, it's easy to sort through important messages and forward them to multiple recipients all at once, without additional call forwarding charges.

Silent Sending

Need to return a call but don't want to talk? Send it silently. GotVoice gives users the option of sending voice messages without causing the recipients phone to ring -- great for late night messages, traveling in a different time zone, or moments when you just don't want to talk.

One Message, Many Recipients

When the word needs to get out, whether it's to 10 or 200 contacts, GotVoice can do it all at once. Simply record a message using your PC or phone, and distribute. This is a great feature for busy professionals, families and team coaches.


GotVoice makes it easy to create personalized greetings and outgoing messages. Add your favorite MP3 music to your voicemail greeting, choose a custom celebrity voice greeting or select background tracks from the GotVoice audio library.

Have a Little Fun

GotVoice reminds users that voicemail can also be fun. Create your own message by recording your voice over your own music. Users can also forward favorite or funny voicemails to friends, while preserving precious messages from loved ones.

About GotVoice, Inc.

Founded in 2003 by industry veterans with backgrounds from RealNetworks, Microsoft, Starwave, AT&T, and Corbis, GotVoice is a pioneer in voice messaging services. The free service enables users to send, receive, create and store voice messages using their email or personal GotVoice Web page. GotVoice makes voice messages accessible anywhere users access the Internet, and works with nearly all major mobile and home phone carriers. For more information, visit

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