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April 03, 2007 09:31 ET -- a Revolution in Social Media

Web2Corp WBTO and Nextelligence to Launch Web 2.1 Site

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 3, 2007 -- Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO)

In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee implemented hypertext over a network for the first time, creating the internet's first web page and starting the era that is now referred to as "Web 1.0," the web as information. Those first web pages took years to develop into what we consider the real Web 1.0 pages, sites that presented users with a wealth of information, but no way to interact with it.

So, too, the web companies that created the concept of Web 2.0 and participated in the first web 2.0 conference in 2004 have represented the beginning steps in creating the Social Web. Users are looking for a more comprehensive internet experience, now, and Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO) and Nextelligence have teamed up to create it. The next step in social media has finally arrived, and it is

"Websites like,,,, and any other hot Web 2.0 property are all very limited," says William Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp. "They're social media, yes, but they only deal with one aspect of media. is a photo site, YouTube does video, and eBay is auctions and sales. You don't have convergence, you don't have synergy of content. Sites like Yahoo! Pipes are trying to provide users with that kind of seamless experience across the whole offering of social applications, but they haven't really been able to make it click yet. compiles every social application out there and more into one site that is media-rich and easily tagged, commented upon, linked, and cross-linked. It's all aggregated in one spot, with delivery and content determined by the user. It's a new type of aggregation: self-aggregation. We've moved beyond Web 2.0 and are launching Web 2.1. We're finally beginning to approach what Tim O'Reilly calls the 'Semantic Web.' The internet's about to be revolutionized, and we're starting by inviting media, major tech writers, and bloggers to come see what the next big things is."

Web2Corp and Nextelligence, Inc. worked together to develop this ambitious project, over a year in development, and are preparing to invite media outlets to visit it starting on April 16, 2007. These selected outlets will be given a tour of the site while it is in final stages of beta and getting ready to launch, giving them a taste of what YouGetIt is going to be and how it is going to change the expectations of everyone on the 'net. offers internet users a rich, dynamic experience that can be infinitely customized and is closely tied to mobile devices. Users are able to place any internet RSS feed on their home page, just like Google's home page, but the site's functionality extends far beyond that. The ability to browse and search through people, businesses, events, news, sales, video, pictures, blogs, classifieds, and more, all taggable, commentable, and organized by zip code into local, regional and national distribution.

" is the social media supersite," says Andre Forde, President of Web2Corp, "but it's more than just social media. It's local, hyperlocal, as local as the user wants. At any time, with any search or dialogue, the user can expand or restrict the area that YouGetIt uses to return results. This is the first website to tie such an aggressive local presence across the whole nation, and then also implement such rich support for mobile devices.

"Virtually every person, place or thing on the site can be used to create alerts that are sent to your phone through e-mail or SMS. If a user wants to get traffic alerts on her phone so that she knows what roads are least congested when she's going to and from work, or school, or the store, it's a simple process to do so. If a guy wants to follow a news story closely, he can get alerts to his phone when news breaks. has something for every internet user, all of the time."

About Web 2.0:

Coined by Tim O'Reilly to describe websites that were applications that involved the user's input and allowed anyone to publish content to the web instead of static informational pages, Web 2.0 sites such as,, and were instrumental in the renaissance that has brought internet yearly revenues up to greater than 30 billion dollars. Its core principals of ease of use, clean design, user-centered approach, and accessibility make Web 2.0 sites very mobile device friendly and have helped usher in that new internet market as well.

About Nextelligence:

Nextelligence, Inc. is a US-based development, interim management and buyout firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of global mission-critical technology companies. Nextelligence expects to rank among the world's leading acquisition firms by becoming a complete, one-stop source for value added "revenue improvement" solutions.

About Web2Corp:

Web2Corp is a Web 2.0 internet technology development firm dedicated to rapid creation and adaptation of technologies. Web2Corp addresses new markets of users by creating and simplifying useful products, reducing the level of user technical skills required, and lowering prices for consumers.

Web 2.0 technologies have become increasingly popular, with the use of Web 2.0 applications such as e-commerce or blogs up more than 25% over the last year, according to comScore networks. The Web 2.0 market generates more than 20 billion dollars of revenue a year, with well-known companies like,,,, and making up the majority of the income.

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