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April 25, 2007 09:54 ET Offers Mobile Carriers Big Bite of Internet's $800B Advertising Market

Web2 Corp's (WBTO) "Next Big Thing on the Net" Could Also Be Next Big Thing in Mobile Search Advertising Revenue

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 25, 2007 -- Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO) announced today that the highly anticipated beta launch of, which is aggressively being touted as "The Next Big Thing on the Net," will reveal something very special today. While YouGetIt is driving the social media buzz because of the unique feature-rich way it streamlines communication, networking, search and collaboration of the most popular technologies today, it also passes on those online experiences to the consumer's cell phone. Personal, Family, Business/Ecommerce, Events, Sales Notification, Deals or Specials Offered, Traffic Alerts, all to your cell phone from settings the consumer creates in their main local homepage. This creates a massive mobile advertising marketplace that the powerful gatekeepers like Cingular, Verizon and Sprint will need to fill the gap between search engines and their cell phone customers. "Ask anybody in the Internet business where the money's going to be and you'll get the same answer from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! It's mobile," said William Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp.

Currently, though, surfing on the net with a cell phone is often a less than satisfying experience. Web pages don't load or format correctly, navigating through menus is a hassle, and the screen size forces users to stare and squint to make out the text on web pages. Trying to brand RSS feeds and other content in the mobile space continues to remain a problem for content providers. But the attractiveness of a portable system that lets users perform utilitarian search functions, get quick answers, and move on with their life makes the prospect of a robust cellular search engine attractive to consumers, and the context- and place-sensitive possibilities of cellular advertising make the possibility for a company to snag a portion of a potentially huge local cellular advertising market too attractive to pass up.

The giants of search, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, are all contemplating their own strategies for getting leverage in the cellular phone market, but William Mobley says that the telecommunications carriers have a "very rare" second chance here. The telecommunications companies missed getting a direct share of the revenue from the traditional Internet's $800 billion dollar a year advertising market, worldwide. They didn't predict how big the Internet would be and popular search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and MSN monetized search for themselves, leaving the telecommunications companies behind.

"According to some estimates, the cell phone Internet search market will eventually eclipse the PC search market. More people have cell phones than have PCs, after all. The telecommunications companies know how big the local search market is going to be on cell phones, and they're being much pickier about their partners now. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are potential threats just as much as they are potential partners, and getting an equitable revenue-sharing model established with one of the giants of search will be difficult, indeed.

"That's the exciting part of this whole frontier, though. No one's earned a solid lead in the local cell phone search market yet, which is what makes attractive to the telcos: we already have a local search function, an opt-in local coupon distribution method, and a transparent way for users to push content from their computers and from the Internet on to their cell phone.'s self aggregation concept makes all of the content that users want available pushed to their phone or e-mail address when they want it. It's a blend of PC and cell phone Internet searching and browsing that no one's done before, and the fact that is based upon a revenue-sharing model that pays the wireless carriers for their bandwidth, their customer base, and their marketing reach means that we're not only offering customers an incredible suite of functionality, but we're giving telecommunications providers another chance at cashing in on the Internet's incredible revenue."

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