March 15, 2010 17:42 ET

Young Entrepreneur Launches Online Community for Dare-Takers,

Thrill Junkies Find an Online Home in New Social Networking Site

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) -  What happens when you take a community of camera-toting, stop-at-nothing adrenaline junkies and give them a global platform on which to showcase their daring acts? On March 22, ( will create a new niche in the social networking realm, as it makes its debut as a unique online community for the thrill-addicted.

The brainchild of 21-year-old entrepreneur Troy Osinoff and his partner Jared Lunde, was created with the goal of providing an online home for amateur pranksters and stuntsmen that would give them the optimal opportunity for exposure. Described as "YouTube meets 'Jackass,'" MakeADare allows members to create and share dare videos, dare others and vote for the best dares. Users award each other "street cred," a point system based on votes, which can be redeemed for prizes dedicated to the continuing pursuit of dare-filming, such as video cameras, multi-media equipment and editing software.

Two years ago, Osinoff conceived the concept for, after having spent years watching people perform extreme stunts on sites like YouTube for minimal recognition. He quickly recognized the need for an interactive online forum that would provide users with a form of compensation for their risky attempts, with the potential of connecting them with TV producers for even greater exposure. He enlisted the help of Jared Lunde, established web designer and programmer, and the two have been working tirelessly together ever since to recognize Osinoff's vision.

Today, debuts as the premier centralized platform for the ever-growing, worldwide population of dare enthusiasts. Equipped with full interactivity and real-life prizes (to increase in value as the site grows), provides the thrill-seeking community with unprecedented global access to competition, camaraderie and exposure.

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