September 27, 2011 08:00 ET

Young Latin Pop Star Matt Hunter Rocks Skanz QR-Coded Bands at Invitation-Only Concert

Skanz's QR-Coded Social Networking Platform Allows Teen Star to Put His Music and Personal Media at the Pulse of Music Executives and Fans' Digital Lives

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - Tonight, at an invitation-only showcase at New York City's Samsung Experience, music executives and fans will be invited to "Wear the Web" and share in the world of young Latin pop star Matt Hunter. Skanz, a new QR-coded social networking platform, will outfit Matt Hunter and all concert attendees with Matt Hunter signature QR-coded bracelets -- facilitating the instant and easy exchange of his social media, online content and exclusive footage at the flash of a smartphone.

A 13-year old bilingual artist from New York City, Matt Hunter has been compared to Justin Bieber because of his off-the-charts talent and rapidly growing fan base (self-named "Hunters"). By integrating Skanz into the concert experience, Matt will be the first musician to introduce a truly social way to network and engage with fans both during and after the show.

According to Brian Neal of NYC-based production company Infared Ink, "Matt recognizes how socially connected his fans are and is excited that Skanz gives him an easy and instant way to share what's new, hot and what he cares about."

Skanz lets you create a personal, secure, free, mobile "Skanzsite" with everything you want to share, conveniently stored in your own unique QR code. Skanzsites are the digital home to all of your social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), contact details (phone numbers, email addresses), favorite photos, videos, music and more. Using a smartphone and a QR reader app, your friends, colleagues, family -- and in Matt Hunter's case, fans -- can scan the unique QR code on your band and instantly your Skanzsite appears on their phone and you are connected.

At the concert, all audience members will be given a Matt Hunter signature Skanz band. Each band has a unique code that, when scanned, will provide access to Matt Hunter's Skanzsite -- his personal and continuously updated digital content, including all of his social media, music, videos, concert news, photos and exclusive footage and offers. After the show, fans can visit and type in the unique number on the back of the band to customize their own Skanzsite, adding their social media and personal content that will live side by side next to Matt's.

"Fans have a need-to-know emotional bond with their favorite artists. By allowing them to instantly access -- and to literally "wear" -- their superstar's digital media content on their wrists, they can more intimately share in their lives," said Tammy Lewis, CMO of Skanz and QR Media Group. "For artists, the opportunity to extend their brand engagement to mobile devices and build their social networks gives them a new way to socially connect and stay connected with those that matter most."

Matt Hunter's signature Skanz bands are available now at There is no cost to generate your unique Skanz QR code or to customize or maintain your personal Skanzsite. There are lots of ways to share your Skanzsite online -- via email, posts, tweets or download a copy for insertion into your blog or email signature. And to make sharing your Skanzsite fun and fashionable, Skanz lets you "Wear the Web" with a full line of trendy QR-coded fashion accessories, available now at and at retail locations by the end of October.

With Skanz, all you need to "unlock the code" and gain access to each other's Skanzsites is a smartphone (Blackberry, Android, iPhone or even the new iPod touch) and QR reader app. Skanz offers a lightning fast QR code reader app - Skanz - available for anyone as a free download at the App Store or the Android Market.

About Skanz
Founded in 2010, Skanz is a social networking platform that uses QR codes to link together mobile technology, social media and fashion. Skanz lets you create a personal, secure, mobile "Skanzsite" with everything you want to share conveniently stored in your unique QR code -- your Socialprint™. Using your smartphone, you can scan the Socialprints of your friends, colleagues and family, facilitating the instant exchange of contact information (phone numbers, email addresses), social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), favorite photos, music and more. With a line of QR-coded fashion accessories -- including Skanz silicone bands and Skanz phone cases -- Skanz invites you to Wear the Web and share your world. Create your Socialprint at and follow us on Twitter @QRskanz.

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