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February 19, 2015 06:00 ET

Your Brand Identity Isn't a Component of Your Marketing Strategy -- It's Something Way More Important

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - February 19, 2015) - Many marketers today have an understanding of brand identity that's fundamentally wrong. Rather than seeing it as a pillar of their marketing strategy, they just view it as another component. 

There are several components of marketing today, but your brand identity isn't one of them. Marketing components include things like blogs, social media marketing, your website, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and videos.

However, your brand identity is something different. Unlike the aforementioned components, it's present in all your marketing efforts and often times, even deeper than that. It takes time to establish a brand identity, but once you do, it'll strengthen your marketing campaign for years.

A recent Entrepreneur article talks about the strength of the Coca-Cola brand. According to the article, the company's brand was the result of careful strategy planning and execution:

"That's because Coca-Cola has one of the clearest all-encompassing brand standards out there. Everything from the company's packaging, its social-media profiles to its television commercials draws on the same colors, fonts, motifs and experiences. None of that is by accident. A big part of Coca-Cola's success comes from its ability to transmit feelings and expectations through its branded elements."

The reason Beholder, a branding agency, is highlighting the importance of brand identity is because we see so many businesses try to skip over it in their marketing strategies. Rather than establishing an identity, they go right to practices like SEO. Do you think Coca-Cola really built its brand that way?

And that's not to say that SEO, marketing analytics, and content creation aren't important. They're essential components of your marketing strategy, but they won't be effective unless you work on your brand identity first. 

Start with evaluating your company, your core values, and the differentiating factors that separate you from your competition. Then focus on your company culture. Start with People, then Process, then Technology, etc. The reason you want to start with people is quite simple. People connect with other people. People make decisions based on how they are influenced. Your brand identity will help you be a strong advocate and a positive influence for your company. And ultimately, help other people consider your brand as a resource for your products or services.

Once your brand identity is in place, you can focus your efforts on specific marketing practices. Just remember not to put the cart in front of the horse by starting with SEO. It's important to attract prospective customers to your website, and there's nothing more frustrating than bringing unqualified traffic to your site. But in order to bring qualified traffic and keep them connected and engaged, you need a brand identity in place. 

To talk more about your brand identity, please contact Beholder today. Beholder offers six custom branding and marketing packages suited to fulfill your brand's goals and needs.

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