SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

July 09, 2008 19:03 ET

Your Data Protection Plan Can Determine the Success of Your Business

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - July 9, 2008) - It's happened to most of us before. You're working on an important project in Microsoft® Word with the deadline quickly approaching. Realizing that a previous document contained similar content and could be used as a template, you quickly access it and modify it to fit your current needs. With your modifications complete, you save the document and mistakenly overwrite the previous content! The ramifications of this action start rapidly swimming around in your head. This familiar scenario can be avoided with the proper implementation of data protection software that includes Microsoft® Office File Versioning.

In the past, when a Microsoft Office file was overwritten with new content, the previous version was gone for good. This is because saving over an existing document causes the newly saved document to physically replace the previous version in the exact same location on the hard drive. For example, suppose an important 10 page business proposal is accessed with the intention of creating a new proposal based on it. The user makes the necessary changes, saves them and closes the document, overwriting the content of the original. What has occurred? The original proposal, at that exact moment, no longer exists. This situation occurs on a daily basis in corporate American and can, at times, have a dramatic effect on the viability of a business.

The same thing is true regarding deleting Microsoft Office files completely. When a file is deleted, the physical space on the hard drive where the file had previously resided is "marked" as free space and is available for use by the next file that is written to the disk. Once this had occurred, it would be pretty difficult to retrieve the file using data protection.

Undelete® by Diskeeper® Corporation addresses both of these concerns completely. With Undelete, you can "overwrite" any Microsoft Office file an unlimited number of times and still be able to perform file recovery on any "version" of that file later on. Undelete creates a new "version" of the file, so to speak, each time you hit the save button. Whether the change is as large as removing several hundred pages from a document in Microsoft Word, or simply removing the content of a single cell in Microsoft Excel, your files are safe with Undelete.

When it comes to maintaining important files, technology can be a blessing or a curse. Unfortunately, files can be deleted or mistakenly modified just as easily as they were originally created. There is hope though! Using Undelete as your data protection plan will help insure your files and business are protected from permanent "deletion" for many years to come.

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