SOURCE: Halo8, Inc.

November 13, 2007 16:48 ET

"Your Mommy Kills Animals" DVD Hits Shelves Today... Maybe?

Some Retailers Pull DVD Due to Intimidation Tactics of Washington Lobbyist and Others

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - Some retailers, including, have pulled the critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary "Your Mommy Kills Animals" from shelves and websites in advance of its November 13, 2007 street date. According to one retailer, the film was pulled due to legal threats from a well-known Washington lobbyist who represents major corporations in the tobacco and food industries.

"Our understanding is that there is no legal restriction on the film whatsoever and some retailers are buckling under threats that have no legal basis," said Matt Pizzolo, President of the film's distributor Halo8 Entertainment. "The irony is that this provocative documentary tackles the issue of freedom-of-speech in political protest. Although critics have lauded the film for its objectivity, it is falling victim to several of the same parties who seek to silence some of the film's interviewees."

According to official court documents, the film's director, Curt Johnson (2006 Academy Award Winning "Thoth"), was sued in United States District Court For The Eastern District Of Virginia by Richard Berman of The Center For Consumer Freedom. In the court's Memorandum Opinion, Judge T.S. Ellis III decided that Johnson has all the rights necessary to release his film. Nonetheless, a campaign of Cease & Desists sent to movie theaters and retailers has intimidated many into pulling the title and canceling customer pre-orders. The DVD is available from a number of outlets, including the distributor's website

Inspired by a post-9/11 FBI alert identifying animal rights activists as the number one domestic terror threat, Johnson sought out embattled activists and their detractors to determine the actual danger posed by the movement. Johnson interviewed the SHAC7, young activists who violated federal anti-terrorism laws by encouraging direct action protests via their website. The freedom of speech issue surrounding the SHAC7 trial serves as the lightning rod of "Your Mommy Kills Animals," drawing in a spectrum of commentators with numerous points of view and passionate ideologies.

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