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MADD Canada

December 29, 2008 09:04 ET

Your New Year's Party is Your Responsibility

MADD Canada reminds party hosts of their responsibilities to their guests

Attention: Assignment Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, News Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 29, 2008) - This year, make a resolution to save lives, beginning with your party on New Year's Eve.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) reminds party hosts of their moral and legal responsibilities if they plan on serving alcohol to their guests.

"New Year's is a promising time for new beginnings with your family and friends," says Margaret Miller, National President of MADD Canada. "We all want to ensure the safety of our loved ones, so if you are hosting a party, or providing alcohol, think about your guests' travel. Do you know how they will get home? Are you certain they are traveling safely?"

"MADD Canada is encouraging all Canadians to get involved in the fight against impaired driving by being responsible hosts this New Year's," says Mrs. Miller.

Mrs. Miller explains that if it is your party, your alcohol or the event is on your property, you may have some legal responsibility for any injuries that occur. The number of alcohol-related civil suits has increased sharply, and it is not just bars that are being sued.

Claims have been brought against schools, universities, municipalities, service and sports clubs, social hosts, parents, and employers. It is a fact that more than twice as many impaired drivers on the road come from homes of friends than from licensed establishments.

"What we need to keep in mind is that impaired driving is preventable. We want everyone hosting a party this New Year's to think of your guests and their drinking before your event. Plan for their safe way home," and Mrs. Miller adds,

"Know who has the keys at your party and know their plan for getting home safely - with a sober driver."

Consider calling a taxi for your guests to get home suggests Mrs. Miller. By calling #TAXI (#8-2-9-4) on any cell phone, virtually anywhere in Canada, a person can get the first available taxi even if they do not know who to call. Mrs. Miller says, "There is no excuse to drive impaired, especially when you can hail a taxi simply by calling #TAXI."

The MADD Canada National President also hopes that Canadians will resolve to do something pro-active about impaired driving when traveling on the road. "We also urge Canadians to call 911 if they see a suspected impaired driver. Call 911 and report the incident to the police so that the immediate danger of an impaired driving crash can be removed from the road. You never know, by phoning 911 you may be saving a life."

Mrs. Miller adds, "From calling 911 when a suspected impaired driver is spotted to planning safe social events, every Canadian can help eliminate impaired driving."

MADD Canada has a total of three booklets and a pamphlet on their website explaining a person's responsibilities serving alcohol and how to avoid alcohol liability. The material covers varying aspects of the issue:

-- Being Sued Can Ruin a Good Party: A Social Host's Guide
-- Alcohol, Teens and Catastrophe: What Every Parent Needs to Know
-- Keeping Good Company: An Employer's Guide

The brochure focuses on the preventative measures one can take and it is entitled:

-- 'Sobering Thoughts on Safe Partying: A Guide to Avoiding Legal Liability.'

"We have all of this information available on-line," says Mrs. Miller, "to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities in hosting a party."

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